1. Andymakeer

    GMS 2 Surface blend turns overlapped text black

    Hey guys! So I was playing with surfaces and blend_modes and found out its possible to customize the blending results. I was trying to draw text to an alpha-cleared surface, but the result was kinda ugly. Then, after studying a little, i was able to "ignore" the surface color and alpha blend...
  2. XenonMax

    GML Save page and color in 1 variable

    Hello, I want to program something like a Launchpad light show painter(this thing with buttons/music/light). Now I try to save the current buttoncolor in a variable on the right page! Like --> ( If I have page 2 change color(or image_index) to red(or 2) ) (I can't create 100000 variables for...
  3. GGJuanPabon

    GML Create colours from their hexadecimal

    I'm new to Gamemaker, and now that I find the color customization theme, I see something I don't really understand. There is some reason why a hexadecimal color, known with structure (Red, Green, Blue), is asked by the game maker in reverse. (Blue Green, Red). For example, a Red color, which...
  4. NeZvers

    SpritePalettizer - free html5 tool for color changing pixel art assets

    SpritePalettizer is a free html5 tool and 2$ for a desktop app (Win/ Linux/ Mac). Get it I've included GameMaker:studio2 shader code example and example project (provided by Xordev on twitter) on how to use color swapping with color set textures (not...
  5. A

    SOLVED How can i change background colour (with codes)

    I want to make a rainbow effect on the background. How can I? edit:Okay guys i did it create event: global.TimeToGoUp = true global.Bgtimer = 0 step event: if(global.TimeToGoUp = true and global.Bgtimer = 500){ global.TimeToGoUp = false } else if (global.TimeToGoUp = false and...
  6. D

    Tint colour of sprite

    I'm looking to slightly tint the colors of a sprite. Meaning that white and black stay the same but other colours change so the overall saturation stays the same, similar to the 'color' blend mode in photoshop. The intention is to change this multiple times, so creating different versions of the...
  7. T

    Problem with a Color Shader

    Hey everyone, I am developing a game with only two colors that change from level to level. I'm using a shader to do so which works fine even though it is pretty simple. However, on certain computers, the shader does not work and I have no idea why. I was wondering if you could help me with it...
  8. S

    SOLVED How to change the colour of an outline shader?

    I've followed Shaun Spalding's tutorial at youtube[dot]com/watch?v=zWrpHbc6fmc, which basically sets up a one-pixel outline for sprites using shaders. Currently, the outline is black. How do I change this? I've tried messing with gl_FragColor but it either messes up the transparency (no longer...
  9. B

    Create a background that flashes between two colors

    Hi everybody, I would like to create a short animation of the background that flashes between a color and its inverse. I would like to trigger this animation when the player takes a power up. Among the threads found in the forum I tried to change the background color with this code: lay_id =...
  10. chaslinux

    Discussion Documentation suggestion

    Can I recommend adding text similar to "GameMaker uses BGR instead of RGB)" to the color documentation here: This came up when I was editing a sprite in GameMaker's image editor, which shows the...
  11. B

    Windows Sprite Color Issue

    Hi ! My problem seems to be in link with Windows 10 but I don't know, when I draw a sprite (re-imported most of the time), the real sprite color seems to be replaced by a strange blue, I removed everything in the room except an empty object with a color gradient sprite and it's doing the same...
  12. LilRony

    Windows ArrJiiBii - Short Platformer (Prototype?)

    I took a break from my current game to put this together. It was really fun to use techniques that I picked up over the course of making my other game, but couldn't use because of old code getting in the way. While it's not the most original concept, I really enjoy playing it, which is not...
  13. zendraw

    Shaders [SOLVED] Coloring parts of an image depending on value

    So each part of this image, that is colored in teal, has max green and blue, but red varies betwean 0-255, and depending on that it shuld load a color from an array that contains the colors, but for some reason it remains white, while the parts shuld be colored in red. here is the image here...
  14. G

    GMS 2 How can I change the letterbox color from black with scripts?

    How can I change the black bars on the outside of the screen to any color I want, on the fly?
  15. E

    Shader - replace one color.

    I'm having a difficult time understanding shaders. I've seen numerous video tutorials online and example code, but still feel lost. Here's what I know thus far: My_Shader.vsh is untouched. The following is written under My_Shader.fsh: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; void...
  16. M

    Asset - Shaders Sin City Shader FX for GameMaker Studio 2

    Hello! I wanted to quick share this little shader I've put in the Marketplace This shader will replicate the Sin City trademark aesthetic, with the black & white ultra contrasted color, and then red! It's extremely easy to use, just pass the parameters in shader_sincity_start_extended() and...
  17. Kleber_Ferreira

    GMS 2 Sprite Editor is messing my colors after importing [SOLVED]

    This is happening with multiple images (JPG, PNG [Photos, vectors]) For example: This is how the image is supposed to be: And this is how it is inside Game Maker Studio 2 after importing: GMS2 sprite editor has an obsession with blue. Anyone been through this? How can I get the colors right?
  18. muddrox

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Shader works wrong on Mac

    Hello, there everyone! I developed a shader that makes any sprite a solid color. It works wonderfully on windows. However, this shader fails to work the same way on Mac. On Mac, the shader effect produces a weird, staticy, rectangular effect over the sprites that are drawn with it. I have...
  19. JesterOC

    GMS 2 How do i colour blend individual tiles in GMS2?

    HEYO! So i've been porting my game from GMS1.4 to GMS2.... But i've hit a snag... I can't seem to blend a tile? Any help is much appreciated.... As for what i need to blend tiles for... it's an enlarged pixel grid you can draw on.. needs colours.
  20. Dropsuitcaptain

    Legacy GM c_ Not working?

    I'm trying to make it so that when my enemy dies it creates an effect that's red and it just isn't working. Here's my enemy destroy code:effect_create_above(ef_explosion,x,y,1,c_maroon); All I need it to do is create an effect with the color I want but that doesn't work. Any help would be...