color blend

  1. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AEColorMask - Apply color to sprites with pixel-perfect precision [free]

    AEColorMask is a shader with a collection of scripts that let you apply a color to specific sprite areas using a mask Marketplace Link: With these scripts and shader you can color objects to add variety to your game...
  2. D

    Tint colour of sprite

    I'm looking to slightly tint the colors of a sprite. Meaning that white and black stay the same but other colours change so the overall saturation stays the same, similar to the 'color' blend mode in photoshop. The intention is to change this multiple times, so creating different versions of the...
  3. H

    (SOLVED) Camouflage sprite with tile- Is there a tile color variable?

    Hello! New to programming/gamemaker and I'm using DND. I am trying to match the color of my roof collision sprite to the color of the tile it's on. So no matter which room it spawns in, it is visually invisible. I was thinking to do this by: Create: set sprite color to (tile_color) but...
  4. foreverisbetter

    SOLVED image_blend in HTML5

    Hey hi, can anyone give any advice on how to correctly draw blended sprites in HTML5? So I have this HTML5 project and I always use image_blend = make_color_hsv and for some to get drawn correctly I had to convert rgb to bgr, some do not get drawn at all and some do only use the first 4...
  5. lazybraingames

    [SOLVED] Splitting view surface into RGB & back

    Hi all! I'm working on something that calls for a surface to be split into red, green, and blue surfaces, then have all 3 color be "added" together to bring the surface back to its original form. Making 3 surfaces for each color seemed straightforward, but I'm not sure what method would be...
  6. R

    Graphics Tile making for the wastelands

    I wanna make a during apocalypse game and I was wondering if anyone has any design tips for tiles and backgrounds
  7. Y

    Question - Code [SOLVED] blend colours as paint blend

    Trying to blend colours of simple shapes like this : // set colour colour1 = make_colour_rgb(0,255,255); // cyan colour2 = make_colour_rgb(255,255,0); // yellow // draw circle 1 cyan (I would prefer blue) gpu_set_blendmode_ext(bm_dest_colour,bm_zero)...
  8. 2

    GMS 2 GMS 2 Setting Tile Opacity and Color Blending in Room Editor

    In GM Studio 2 can we set the opacity, or the color blending of a tile in the room editor? I can't find any way to do this, so has it been removed?