collisions checking

  1. ShadowLenz

    4 directional movement question and how to make his collisions

    I'm making an old RPG style (like the first Final fantasy) is "motion_set" the best way to make a 4 directional move? i dont want to make a eight directional movement, just up, right, left, down with not diagonal direction. and the collisions are well scripted? the character's movement is...
  2. J

    Question - D&D Basic Collisions not Working, please help!

    I have a character object and it won't collide with my solid building object (or any solid object, for that matter.) I've set up a collision event between that and my solidObjectParent object (parent object of all objects that have collisions with character object). From that, I have a...
  3. J

    Need to count only one collision

    I am currently making an rpg game that needs to collide through a door to go to the next room, also I need to count how many times the door has been used. I have found that when I use the door I get multiple collisions thus multiple counts when I only need one count per door use. any help to get...
  4. G

    Legacy GM Target specific object used in if statement

    I have some collision code: if( x + 16 >= obj_platform.x - 16 && x - 16 <= obj_platform.x + 16 && y + 16 >= obj_platform.y - 8 && y - 16 <= obj_platform.y + 8 ) { y = obj_platform.y - 24 ; vel_y *= -1 ; vel_y -= 1 ; obj_platform.vel_y -= vel_y ; }; How do I have that last line...
  5. K

    Legacy GM Boulder crashing game on impact

    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Eventobj_dust for object obj_boulder: local variable __b__(100001, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at gml_Object_obj_boulder_CollisionEvent_10_1 (line 7) - if __b__ I'm not sure what is happening, as I am trying to get a projectile with a...
  6. D

    Sprite gets stuck when changing collision mask

    Hi, i'm working on a simple platform gaming but i'm having some problems handling collisions when i need to change collision masks. Actually the code to handle collisions looks like this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Horizontal collisions i = 1...