1. C

    SOLVED 2D topdown tile collision, stuck to diagonal move

    Hello there, I'm new here. I make tile collisions everything works fine, except when I have to make diagonal movements when the bbox_top or bbox_bottom collides with a tile. I don't understand what it's like 😭. At the level of my code I have my Tile_Collide file which is a function that takes...
  2. Hypotakt

    SOLVED Neat collision handling with using sprite masks (in GM:S 1.4)

    Hey guys, I am obviously searching for a smooth collision handling system for my game. I spent a lot of time today, finding a good way to implement, but had no success yet. The game character is moving per direction and speed, but it has only 4 different directions in sprite (left, right, up...
  3. M

    collision between two objects always stop both from moving, while there are no Actions to do so

    So in my game, a bullet object should pass through enemy objects. it should flash (the bullet) when it passes thru an enemy. however, if i add a collision event between the bullet and an enemy object for either one, they both freeze in their place (stop moving). the collision event can contain...
  4. M

    D&D Collision Issue

    I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the right place, this being my first post, but, I do not know how to solve an issue I am having with my game. I would really appreciate any help. I want to make my player object restart the game if it collides with a certain object if the space bar is NOT...
  5. conman06

    Problems with Player colliding with more than one block.

    Ok, so I know that when the Player collides with oWall, it works. But, when I try to collide with oBlock, it does not work. My game just freezes up and I have to end task. :( very disappointing Here is the code for oPlayer (player) in Step: (btw vsp stands for vertical speed) //Vertical...
  6. N

    GMS 2 How does everyone make bullet collisions?

    Hi! Recently I tried creating a space game but noticed most of my bullets are passing through certain areas of the collision mask. I was wondering how does everyone make these collisions? Is there a better way to do it than using the GMS collision? Could it be that my resolution is the...
  7. AiNaKa

    Collision not working properly, don't know why

    I'm trying to work on a tetris clone, most mainly for practice, but I can't seem to get the collisions to work properly, the pieces won't fit into certain spaces properly. I can't imagine why the collisions aren't working, but I've tried many different approaches to a collision system, but each...
  8. TyGamess

    Jobs (For Ai)

    So! I have my villagers on wonder. Witch I am going to set as a job called "Wonder" or "Jobless" and when they are jobless they wonder around. But if you set them to a job, they will wonder around an area, and occationaly pick up items and bring them over to the targeted location for storage...
  9. Pixelated_Pope

    Asset - Scripts Top-Down Movement & Collision - Object Based Collision System with Single Script Implementation for GMS1 & 2

    There's an in-browser playable demo that supports Keyboard and Controller input for testing purposes. This asset has been out on the YoYo marketplace for a LONG time now, but I just recently created a new update that has better support for walls of all angles (rather than just 45 degree walls)...
  10. P

    Ideal collisions with borders SOLVED

    Hello everyone, actually I am a newbie in programming physics, so I need help with setting up proper and ideal collisions between my circles and borders, So to understand it clearer without screenshot(will add it soon) imagine a Box with coin in it(2D) and I need to set up collisions of this...
  11. MartinK12

    SOLVED Collision of player with enemies and bullets (in code) – inside obj_player or those objects - pros and cons, optimization?

    Game with a lot of bullets and enemies, ie. platformer, bullet hell, etc. When player gets hit he has immunity for 2 sec. Where is better to put collision checks between player and enemies plus bullets? I do those checks in end step. 1. If put those checks inside enemies and bullets then each...
  12. B

    SOLVED How can I do "instance_destroy(other)" in Step Event?

    Hello guys. I have a problem and I'm waiting yours help. I have two object. They are (obj_a) and (obj_b). I want after their collision, create a new object (it's obj_c) where to their collision place and destroy (obj_a) and (obj_b). I tried to do this as: (obj_a) step event: if...
  13. F

    Wall collision

    I have a problem, I did an object for collisions to put it in the walls (this object is solid) and in the action I did this when collide with the character, but when collide with the character, he slips to the right and when the wall is in the left, the camera don't stop shaking. What can I do...
  14. DPMlofty

    GML My player is stuck on the wall

    He's stuck on the wall, but the collisions and mask are correct what i want to do is just teleport him to the nearest free space
  15. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Extended Collision Functions

    Extended Collision Functions Companion scripts for built-in collision functions Overview Extended Collision Functions are enhanced versions of built-in collision functions. You can now easily check for collisions with multiple unrelated objects/instances at a time, and optionally pass in a...
  16. F


    I have a doubt, I've already programmed the collisions for the character when he moves by the arrow keys, but I'd like to program my character to walk by WASD. Is there a code to program all the collisions like copying the code from arrow instead write everything again only changing for WASD?
  17. lluuze

    Code Errors

    Hello, I’ve recently swapped out the main character’s sprites for a different sprite but there were some complications so I decided to change back to the original. Since doing so, I’ve encountered issues with the character’s movement animation not swapping like it used to and the collision of...
  18. GGJuanPabon

    GML overlap in collision 2D X and Y

    Can you help me please ?, I thank you in advance !!! I'm stuck I am using a perfect collision code, or so they call it on the internet. But I have 2 problems, an overlap in the ceiling, (which I solved with a validation but it does not seem the most optimal). and the second problem is that it...
  19. P

    InAccurate Collisions

    I have problems programming the game, it happens often when lots of collisions between moving circles happen in one moment. And maybe someone can help with borders physics: Now I just have different code for vertical and horizontal borders: dircetion-=dircetion //for horizontal borders...
  20. hughrock18

    SOLVED Isometric (2.5D) Jump Collision Issue

    I am attempting to produce an isometric game that allows the player to jump on multiple "z heights" of platforms. I have a setup that ALMOST works, but I am clearly missing something. The code is very lengthy and riddled with scripts (to replace commonly used lines and/or blocks). So instead...