1. M

    I can't get collision working on DND

    I have watched alot of DND collision turtorials but it still doesn't, work i can still walk trough objects and get no collisions. Can sombody please help me?
  2. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] simple collision with rotated sprite not working

    Hello, surprisingly I didn't find the question already asked here in the forum: why is an instance running one pixel into a wall to its left when it rotated around 180° ? The sprite is 16x16 pixels, the origin is the middle center and its collision is set to be precise. the movement code is...
  3. ILikeBalls

    Don't know fixing collision. It always stuck.

    everytime the rectangle hit the ball in the left or the right side, the ball stuck and the score goes up rapidly. Is there any tips to fix this problem? Video:
  4. S

    Drag And Drop Character overlaps object after each movement

    Hey all, I have been working on a 2D platform game, however, I have difficulty getting my character to remain on any object after each movement (pressed) even with collision on the object. For example: 1. My character would overlaps on the object's corner (not using the tiles yet) after...
  5. A

    Collision script won't run

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to create a normal state so that I can switch between other states, but to do that I decided I needed to make a normal script which contains a script for player input and collisions. However, when I tried to make a script for the collision block of code I get this...
  6. M

    noob question, object properties.

    so i was wondering, how to assign "properties" to objects. what i mean by that: for example, i have Player, who is colliding only with obj_solid. So, to add different kinds of solid platforms, i create an object as a child for obj_solid, so that player will collide with all of them. but that is...
  7. D

    SOLVED How to lock x value to actual or lesser?

    I'm trying to make a object freeze it's positive x so it can slide walls on collision. Basically i have this check: if (!place_free(x + collisionOffset, y)) { } collisionOffset is a variable to determine how far the object will be from the collision point on the given coordinate (x+, x-...
  8. flyinian

    How could I fix this so that it would detect enemies at the path of the projectile and not where the projectile is actually existing.

    As far as I can tell, the below code works. The only issue that I've noticed so far is that the collision line detection isn't working. The collision detection wont happen in-between the projectile therefore leaving enemies unaffected that should of been affected. I have fast projectiles and the...
  9. M

    GMS 2.3+ Collision with multiple objects

    Hi, I'm making a 2d platformer game, and i have different objects for walls, floors and boxes. I was wondering if i have to rewrite everything i did for walls and change the oWall to oBox, or is there an easier way to do that? Here's the code I used to make the player stop if they collide with...
  10. P

    GMS 2.3+ A question about collisions

    i'm building a code to run a espaceship that uses separate x and y speeds and accelerations, and i'm trying to build a collision that "deflects" the spaceship from walls, but i can't figure out a way that work in every speed vector and "deflection angle", i have tried using the build-in...
  11. R

    How to change variable after collision?

    I instantiate my variable and then later I have a collision that I want to make the jumpheight smaller. I have this but it does not work. I changed the number from -10 to -20 and it did change the jumpheight but the collision does not. I need assistance. jumpheight = -10 if...
  12. S

    SOLVED (HELP) My asteroids in Space Rocks are glitching

    I made Space Rocks in GML and added a Collision event with other asteroids that makes both of the objects change direction: direction += 180; But when I hit them with my bullets they are glitching. I tried to add the variable collisionInvulnerability = 0; to the asteroid's create event and in...
  13. yashamatt

    GMS 2.3+ oneway platforms that are also slopes

    So I have been fiddling with this for a while now, trying to adapt my spaghetti code to allow oneway platforms that are also slopes. I am quite new to coding in general but I do have slopes and oneway platforms working properly in my side-scrolling platformer, however, my oneway platforms that...
  14. FunkyPoop

    SOLVED Character collision seems one pixel off

    Hello, I'm trying to build a simple platformer and am working on the movement and collision. I copied it out of this book that I'm following called Game Development with GameMaker Studio 2 by Sebastiano M. Cossu. In the original bookcode the player sprite is 50x64 px. I'm trying to make a...
  15. flyinian

    GMS 2.3+ Question about collision mask rotation..

    I've been following this YouTube tutorial for collision masking and so far so good. The video is time stamped when the collision code is complete for visual representation. However, I'd like to make vehicles with collision but, noticed that the current collision system doesn't work with...
  16. 1peck

    GML Collision: One object to handle map collsion using tiles layer.

    GM Version: Studio 2+ Target Platform: Windows Download: see link below Links: see link below Summary: Build an object from tile layer to handle map collision Tutorial: Hello, First time I m doing a tutorial (and english is not my primary language) so sorry in advance! Pro: - Spend less time...
  17. yvodlyn

    SOLVED [HELP]Perfect collision problem

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me with this issue? I want to create a perfect collision for a bouncing player. However the collision do not reach the floor before bouncing. The player bounce 14px before it reach the floor. Create Event object player vspd = 0; //vertical speed vspd_jump = -14...
  18. Z

    GMS 2.3+ Tileset Collision Handler script for pixel perfect detection

    GM Version: Studio 2+ Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: n/a Summary: A simple solution to detect collision pixels on a tileset. While there are a few tutorials online the workflows seemed overly messy to me, so I have created a Script which can just be added to any 2.3+...
  19. B

    GMS 2.3+ Collision Issue, but only when moving Left and Up

    I found a script for collisions that works when colliding with the ground, or walls to the right. I am trying to figure out how it ticks, but there is a problem I can't fix. It gets the player stuck in ceilings and walls to the left. I am pretty confident the issue is here: if...
  20. Necromedes

    Pixel Collision with Sprint Button?

    I've started work on a top-down, action rpg of sorts. I'm using Shaun's platformer code as a base until I finish watching his tutorial on action rpgs. I have the code set up for horizontal and vertical collisions and those work just fine. However, I have set up a sprint/dodge key that increases...