collision error

  1. IceTray

    GMS 2 Asteroids in my space shooter are sticking together.

    I have been following a youtube tutorial called "My First Game" to make a space shooter in drag and drop. I decided it would be cool to have the asteroids bounce off each other when they come in contact so I made a collision event on the obj_asteroid with a set direction variable that changes...
  2. S

    Swing Physics code broke after 2.3 update.

    I've read the release notes on the Gms2.3 update and it seems like nothing (that should effect my code) has been changed. I'm making a sonic game and I programmed a swing to move sonic accordingly when it's in motion. The code was fine till after the update. Sonic will move along in the correct...
  3. A

    /// @arg x /// @arg y return place_meeting(argument0, argument1, oCollision); not working

    Hello I have oCollision and everything prepared but it just gives me this error when I try to run it and Idk what to do please help I did everything properly and the red signal error doesn't show up it shows as it works but then it gives me this error telling me it's wrong please help...
  4. O

    Player to Object Collision Issue

    So I've recently started getting into Gamemaker Studio 2 and was following videos by a youtuber called FunBox. I ran into some problems when play testing the code. Whenever I moved the player toward an object with collision the player would eventually get stuck and would not be able to move...
  5. T

    GML Helping to understand an error here?

    Hi, my error comes when I have set an obj_floor as my ground and walls to collide with. And then I have an obj_tranparentwall that looks exacly the same than the floor but it has no collision with the player. in my collision sistem I have this: if place_meeting(x + hsp,y,obj_floor) {...
  6. V

    GML My enemies are stuck in the ground (SOLVED)

    Hello! ;3 I'm working on a 2D-Platformer and I've created an enemy object. They can be defeated and they could walk from wall to wall. But they don't. When they collide with the ground they turn left and right quickly. And I don't know why. This is my code in the Step event: vsp = vsp + grv...