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  1. C

    SOLVED Collision checks in local variables executes slower?

    Hello! I found something interesting while messing around with my code. Here it is, clearly following one of Shaun Spaulding's tutorials: In the Step Event: #region//set controls key_left = (keyboard_check(vk_left)) || (keyboard_check(ord("A"))); key_right = (keyboard_check(vk_right)) ||...
  2. A

    /// @arg x /// @arg y return place_meeting(argument0, argument1, oCollision); not working

    Hello I have oCollision and everything prepared but it just gives me this error when I try to run it and Idk what to do please help I did everything properly and the red signal error doesn't show up it shows as it works but then it gives me this error telling me it's wrong please help...
  3. A

    SOLVED collision check for draw_sprite_ext?

    I'm going to make a game with a lot of sprites. Making all sprites as objects creates a lot of trouble. I wrote the Main rules in a rule object and managed to draw it with draw_sprite_ext. However, I cannot check Collision. Briefly; How to make a collision check of a sprite drawn with...
  4. Lens

    SOLVED Problems identifying specific object and thus changing its variables.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! :potato: I have many instances in a game called oBomber. Also I have an object called oTank, which has a range (collision rectangle). Once oBomber gets inside the oTank's collision rectangle, it should lose HP (to make it simpler, as for testing, now it just...
  5. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Extended Collision Functions

    Extended Collision Functions Companion scripts for built-in collision functions Overview Extended Collision Functions are enhanced versions of built-in collision functions. You can now easily check for collisions with multiple unrelated objects/instances at a time, and optionally pass in a...