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  1. Z

    Problem with collisions

    Hi guys ! I'm pretty new in GML so I'm pretty sure that my bug is easy to fix but hey, i'm a noob ! :) So, I looked a youtube tutorial for the movment of my character : Script PlayerMovement() //MOVEMENT PLAYER //Calculate Movement var move = checkKeyboard_Right -...
  2. I

    Z axis in 2D jumping on a platform. Help!

    Hello, I am currently trying to make my player object be able to jump and be able to stay on platforms. I am not using physics btw. Anyway, I found a video that explains this concept but I am struggling to implement this on my project because my depth and collision system is different. This is...
  3. sinigrimi

    Discussion I try create perfect collisions

    NOTE: The solution is in the second message. NOTE2: I have new problem case in the third message. [SOLVED]
  4. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Another impossible scalling case

    Hello everyone, I am desperately seeking help to scale my game, I just can't understand this stuff, nothing is working, I constantly have weird results. I developped a Shoot' em up using 1920*1080 rooms. My computer screen is also 1920*1080. Now I want to scale it to whatever screen the player...