1. paulog

    Legacy GM Check collision with all objects but self?

    Hello! I'm making a simple game in GM1.4 and I want to check if an object is colliding with any other object but not with itself. This is the code I'm using: if position_meeting(x,y,all) { = 1 } if !position_meeting(x,y,all) { = 0 } Tha variable is always...
  2. P

    object doesn't go to another room

    I have a small problem and I need help, I made a program where when a cursor is colliding with a building and the key is pressed the building goes to room called "rmBuilding", but as it looks it isn't as simple as I thought i would be. Can You help me? code of colliding event with the cursor...
  3. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Why Won't This Code Work?

    I'm using the same movement system from my other top down shooters for my new engine. It's just a test movement system and will be changed in the future. But as of now I need to use it and it won't work in GMS2. Could someone explain why this won't work? hspeed = spd *...
  4. K

    Android İs there any other way to make walls?

    I placed the walls with tiles. And then added a collision object. İt has a invisible sprite and collision mask. Solid box is checked. First, I tried to set the players speed 0 when player hits the wall. But I'm using josytick controller with theese codes; global.xx=device_mouse_x(0)...