1. B

    Basic Platformer player code with tiles instead of objects

    I need some code for basic player platformer movement, except instead of colliding with objects, he will collide with tiles. Please help. do i just replace (x, y, object) with x, y, "Tile layer")? I would really appreciate some help.
  2. G

    GML Problems with colissions (SOLVED)

    Hi, I have problem with colission. When the obj_player collides with the obj_limits this one (obj_player) it stays out of the screen and I can't move it. Can you help? This is the code I use: What would be the problem? Thanks for helping :)
  3. A

    A passive skill tree

    Hello guys, My top-down RPG is going pretty well, I want to make a passive tree similar to Path of Exile, - with levelup you gain passive points allowing you to spend in the tree (which is a room menu) - BUT you have to start from the center and choose points connected to each other ! ie. make...
  4. E

    Tilebased slope collision

    Hey guys, I am curently programming a 2d platformer. For collision detection I am using tile based collision. The problem iam facing at the moment is slope collision with upsidedown slopes. i somtimes clip into them and i dont know why... :/ maybe someone could help me with that. Here is my...
  5. Y

    Legacy GM Collision using virtual sticks

    So I'm currently using the standard speed function in gamemaker to make my player move towards a direction using this code: if(!place_meeting(x, y, Obj_Controller3)){ speed = global.spd } however this does nothing the code for the direction stick is this: if(!global.Pausing){...
  6. P

    efficient collisions...all on player or on each enemy?

    Hi all, For game efficiency, is it best practice to code all the 'kill player' collisions on the player for each enemy OR on each enemy for the player? *given there are more enemies on screen than players e.g: player > collision > enemy1 player > collision > enemy2 player > collision > enemy3...
  7. K


    Hello,I Am Using Gamemaker 1.4 And I Am Working On A Platformer,Now I Want To Detect When My Player First hits the the very second he hits the ground. I want Some Kinda "IF STATEMENT" That Detects For The Very Second The Player Collides With The Ground.not If He Is Colliding At...
  8. H

    How do i let Objects wont collide?

    Used an Object being followed by other Objects. At a certain time the follower objects getting to collide each other and i want them to have a little space to each other, so they never collide. :)
  9. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM to shaun spalding (if player hit by enemy)

    to @ShaunJS I just want to talk with you, I know you made enemys that collide with player but I just want the player to bounce back from colliding the enemy_par. how did you do that? I just copied your code actually. regardless.
  10. P

    GML Collision bug

    I made a GML collision system that works perfectly with 1 collision box ( the floor ), but if i create a new collision box and then collide with it on the left/right (not top) it bugs, and i don't know how to fix it. (i've been using GameMaker since last week so i'm sorry if this code is messy.)...