1. Null-Z

    Puzzle ideas

    I'm upon the final level of Adventure Guy(2D Platformer) and I want the last level to be more puzzle oriented. basic premise is that there are three mask bosses with the themes "Wrath(Blind anger), Denial (like denial of progression), and Mocking. I want to make rooms with these themes...
  2. P

    Version control, GIT, collaborative coding best practices or tips?

    Hi! We are three persons working on the same game, all of us are working as developers as our normal day-time jobs are having game development as hobbies. Normally in modern application development, the version control system is often GIT and process goes something like this: Pull latest...
  3. Swisspick

     Collaboration almost impossible with GitHub

    Hello Everyone I have now tried multiple tools like GitHub, Bit Bucket the vanilla GMS 2 Repository Tool etc. for collaborating with a friend. This is however almost impossible by the fact that creating folders, objects, scripts etc. also add code to the main file and other files. Every time...
  4. zacharyandrews

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Multidisciplinary for hire.

    Hello Developers! Is your game project needing a visual edge? I'm an experienced 2D artist and animator with knowledge of GMS2, Git and the ability to learn new systems quickly or adapt to established pipelines. My skills are primarily visual art and animation, though I am experienced in...
  5. T

    Team Request Horrorgame - Need help to finish, Offer 50/50 credit/fame :)

    Hi All 6 years ago I made an awesome game called "Cellar door" played by millons, featured by celebrity YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Markiplier.. spooky stuff :O After the crazy success of the first game I started the production of a sequel!! The greatest horror/nobudget/flash/mobile/PC...
  6. The Video Gamester

    How long does moderation take for Colab?

    I posted a thread in the Collaboration section two days ago. I understand the need for moderation in that section but was wondering how long it usually takes before the post is approved. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. The Video Gamester

    Team Request [Rev Share]Programmer Needed; Steampunk Abyss Kickstarter

    Needed: Programmer; Not required but experience in networking and shaders would be a plus. Payment: Rev Share. Patreon is our main focus for income at the moment. Current Team: Bahototh - Pixel Artist, WWWSurfingDinosaur - Composer, Me - Programmer/Designer. Project Details: The game is a...
  8. M

    Team Request Building a team for the next best Indie Game

    I'm looking for a team to partner with to develop one of the great indie games of our time. The game is titled: I Am One It's a mash-up Metroidvania-esque 2-D Platform Role Playing Game for the Personal Computer. I have a basic story-line: A young boy and his uncle live as hunter/mercenaries...
  9. FHD

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking 4 Experienced Programmer with 3D in GM1/2

    Hello everyone, As subject said, I am in need of an experienced programmer with 3D side of GM, to hire. I am interested to add some 3D features to my current project. There would be a lot of 2D billboarding and flying through them on the 3 (x,y,z) axis. Please send me a message if it sounds...
  10. Dandysius

    Team Request Need help with pixel graphics

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Android/iOS game that is 90% done. But it's just still missing some graphics to make it perfect. As it is an RPG game, I want the world in the game look more beautiful by adding some rocks and stuff like this. Maybe some new tilesets? More houses in towns...
  11. O

    Portfolio - Audio Music composer available (JRPG inspired: melodic and varied)

    Hello! I'm a game music enthusiast and a free-time music composer. Pleased to meet you, reader :) If your game project is in need of a single piece of music or an entire soundtrack and you think a JRPG-style selection of music would be the best fit, please have listen to my showreel: It is...
  12. J

    Portfolio - Audio Video Game Music Composer available for Hire You can see an example I made for e.g. an action-filled title (it was made more towards film but it should give an example of style, writing, and quality levels). Let me know if you need a song or...
  13. Rafael Pinto

    Team Request -

  14. jswmusic

    Portfolio - Audio Composer looking to collaborate! Very cheap!

    Composer looking for work! Check out my website for snippets of what I can do! Don't hesitate to contact me!
  15. Z

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist Looking For Collaborator/Mentor

    Greetings! I'm not looking for paid work, but rather someone who can offer me tutoring in Game Maker in exchange for my services. I'm an aspiring dev but currently very inexperienced having having difficulty getting past the learning curve. I'm a 2D artist/animator who works primarily in...
  16. W

    Team Request Final Fantasy esque Game

    Making a turn based game with a similar battle system to final fantasy. plan on throwing it up on steam when it's finished and i'm looking for some programmers to help me with all the programming as i'm not a skilled in it as i need to be. I have a basic battle system already made as well as...
  17. S

    Discussion Collab Feature

    I suggest there needs to be a collab feature where multiple people can work on a project at the same time. And if this is already in GMS2 then tell please
  18. D

    Team Request Looking for Programmer to form a Super-Team

    Hello all, I'm an experienced artist making a platform/runner called Tech-Suit Sushi Delivery! This will be a collaboration, profit share kinda thing. Maybe I could trade my art for someones programming skills, who knows. PM me
  19. M

    Team Request Looking for a game making partner!

    Hi Game Makers, I am currently on the lookout for a game making partner who can share my passion for game making. I have been working in Game Maker since 2014 and have about two years of game making experience under my belt. I am currently working on a 2D story-driven plat former and would like...
  20. ParodyKnaveBob

    Comment Convention: Addressing Teammates

    Howdy, all, $:^ ] I've been using GM for awhile now, but this is my first post asking a question, and I hope it's in the right forum. Since my riveting post introduction totally demonstrates I'm an absolute expert, you can obviously tell my problem is way advanced. Addressing teammates from...