1. ShadowLenz

    Windows Making an RPG [PROBLEM FIXED ]

    hi! i'm currently making an RPG and when i established the movement, and solids collision, the firs room map and else, was the time for a new room, so i created a second room, and when i created: the obj_next and obj_last (for tracking back to the previous room) and go to the "step event" of...
  2. S

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop - Physics Collisions - GMS2

    GM Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Hey there guys, this video tutorial is an introduction to physics objects in GMS2. This is a drag and drop tutorial so there is no code for this. The tutorial covers how to enable physics in a room, apply...
  3. Ziberteck

    Please delete

    Please Delete
  4. maranpis

    GMS 2 Animations not working as expected[SOLVED]

    Hello Guys, First I want to say i'm just 2 months with gamemaker studio 2, so this is a noob question, hope you can help me: I'm doing the moving_script for the player: // Moving and collision if keyboard_check(vk_right) { hospeed=20; sprite_index=s_Running...
  5. K


    Hello,I Am Using Gamemaker 1.4 And I Am Working On A Platformer,Now I Want To Detect When My Player First hits the the very second he hits the ground. I want Some Kinda "IF STATEMENT" That Detects For The Very Second The Player Collides With The Ground.not If He Is Colliding At...
  6. S

    Drag and Drop - Basic Movement/ collision / walking animation/ - tutorial part 1, 2, 3, 4 - GMS2

    GM Version: GM:Studio Target Platform: Desktop (should work with Mobile and HTML5) Download: none -- see videos below Summary: A video tutorial series showing movement with Drag and drop coding. o_O Hey there guys, here is part one of this DnD drag and drop basic movement tutorial. This...
  7. D

    (SOLVED)Collision system with place_free no working

    My hero just won't move as if everything is flagged solid or something.. could anyone help me with this??? //Horizontal Collision if (place_empty(x+hsp,y)) { while(!place_free(x+sign(hsp),y)) { x += sign(hsp); } hsp = 0; } x += hsp; //Vertical Collision if...
  8. M

    Question - D&D I am entirely new to gamemaker, how do i do collisions correctly?

    I have been working for hours and hours trying to make a simple platformer base, but nothing has been working! Whether it be that I slowly fall through the floor, or something else it never seems to work right. I make gravity by set a relative speed of 1 on the vertical axis on the step event...
  9. Conbeef

    How do I go about changing collision mask to go under obstacles?

    Like the Topic say, how do you guys do it? Take for instance my player is 100 by 100 pixels in his normal mask and he needs to be 100 by 50 pixels to go under a block or obstacle; How do I change the collision without much errors like stucking etc.... If changing the collision might stuck it...
  10. V

    Collision platformer help?

    Ok, so i have a platformer and basically the whle gravity and collision system is based on Shaun Spaulding's platformer video. I also use double jumps. But 50% of time when player collides to a wall it stucks. Here are the codes: Create: ///Initialize Variables grav = 0.55; hsp = 0; vsp = 0...
  11. V

    [noob question]Collision problem

    Hello, so in my platformer i have my character pushed back when shooting a machine gun if key_right_shoot = true and !place_meeting(x+1,y,obj_wall) x -= 3; if key_left_shoot = true and !place_meeting(x-1,y,obj_wall) x += 3; With this player gets stuck in the wall for just a few pixels, ive...
  12. F

    Question - D&D collision

    how do i make a collision for my player to run into using drag and drop with no programing?
  13. M

    Can't get a hang of what event to use

    Hello. Ok so I know the difference between ''create'' and ''step'' events, one is working instantly and other one is looping etc.. Collision event - I know what it's for, but I'm not sure if I need it. How is it different from lets say typing in ''place_meeting (x,y, obj_somegentleman)'' in the...
  14. M

    Colission whole object

    In my game there is a line from top to bottom of the room. There are moving objects in the room that has to be destroyed by touching them(or clicking on them). When the moving objects hit the line in the room i want it to spawn a new object. But it has to spawn once every time a object hits...
  15. G

    infant runner wall crushed player on silde of screen

    I trying to make an infant runner. I am having trouble when my player gets crushed because of a moving wall. What I need is help with is killing the player when they are up against the screen and a moving platform crushing them. What happens now is he gets pushed back a little and hit the wall...
  16. H

    3D 3D Collision Detection Script for public use

    feel free to use as long as you credit me and send me an email to harrbri1222 @ gmail . com to let me know how its working or any problems you encounter if anyone needs the script for converting d3d models into a collision buffer pm me input is as specified x1,y1,z1,x2,y2,z2,buffer xyz1 being...
  17. H

    Legacy GM Health

    I'm trying to use a very small amount of events, and it's a bit hard with the small amount of programming knowledge that i have... I made a variable saying this character have 2 health;", if a collision with obj_bullet is detected, destroy object bullet and - 1 health of this character. If the...
  18. G

    Legacy GM [Solved] Keep horizontal momentum after collision

    I'm currently developing a game where you can't change your momentum in the air after you jump. When jumping into a wall right now my player's horizontal speed changes to zero. I can't figure out how to return the player's speed back to the original speed before the collision once they pass...
  19. Erayd

    Android device_mouse_x and position_meeting problem

    In my game, the goal is to create a little box which holds the sprite of the currently equipped weapon. This is on android, so when you "click" on the box with your finger, it selects that weapon so you can drag it around the screen. If you release your finger anywhere other than the box you...
  20. RyanC

    Legacy GM Player passes through ceiling & walls on infinite runner

    Anyone good with collision detection on infinite runner type games? The player's x position can never move in this game so I'm a little stuck on how to code this. This is what I have so far, it works fine in all directions accept when the player collides with a block above and a block next to...