1. S


    #region ANDAR var es = keyboard_check(ord("A")); var di = keyboard_check(ord("D")); var up = keyboard_check(ord("W")); var ba = keyboard_check(ord("S")); if (up) or (ba) or (es) or (di) { dir = point_direction(0,0,(di - es), (ba - up)); velh = lengthdir_x(vel, dir); velv = lengthdir_y(vel...
  2. L

    GMS 2.3+ Help with collision bug

    Hi there everyone so the title should be pretty self explanatory. However that's only a brief decription of the problem so here comes the full description. Now I've coded a basic collision system into my game using the place_free method and for the most part it seems to work fine. However there...
  3. DrNegative15

    GMS 2 Issues with 'Movement and Collision with Multiple Moving Objects'

    Issue 1: Order of instance code execution affects movement behavior. Visual Aid for Issue 1: Scenario: 4 block instances are lined up one directly behind another and all are going to move together in the same direction. First they will all be moving to the right. (left side of...
  4. S

    hi can someone help me with the collisions my character he can hold on the wall and after he gives the game stops working and i am a beginner why i ha

    se precisar dos meus codigos me fale por favor if you need my codes please tell me Translation added ~Tsuk
  5. Z

    SOLVED Error Sound in a colision *not set before reading it.*

    ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Step Eventobj_point for object obj_player: Variable obj_player.snd_comiendo(100026, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at...
  6. AndreFS

    GMS 2 Double collision problem (sorry for the English)

    I have the following problem: In my game, I have two weapons, when the player is over one of the two and right clicks, he takes that weapon, but if he is over two weapons, he takes one, and the other disappears
  7. FoufaDjo

    SOLVED collision,friction and accel problems

    i followed a tuto on yt about movement and the dont use the speed var so i cant use the friction function can someone help me: hspd = (rkey-lkey); vspd = (dkey-ukey); if (hspd != 0 or vspd != 0){ dir = point_direction(0,0,hspd,vspd); hmove = lengthdir_x(spd,dir)...
  8. kureoni

    help with colision code?

    thats the basic movement code for the obj_enemies if(instance_exists(obj_player)){ mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, spd, obj_colision) image_angle = point_direction(x, y, obj_player.x, obj_player.y); what i want to do is: when the obj_enemies touch a obj_colision (that...
  9. Cabra

    Collision help with decimals

    Hello everyone. I'm having trouble to understand how collision detection works, I'm really beginner and not being the english my main leanguage, manuals doesn't help. Well, with that said, I'm trying to emulate Super Mario World physics, for now I only have the horizontal movement partially...
  10. G

    I need a simple, yet effective collision code

    i just simply dont know how to make collision. Please help. it does not have to be really simple i get code really well :) you can paste code down below or you can link a good forum post or something.
  11. F

    GMS 2 Jumping mechanic issue

    Hello Guys, i'm actually trying to study GML/Programation Logic and in the same time developing a game. (On GMS 2) I'm studying with videos on YouTube. On the past 2 weeks i'm developing and studying the method to create a game using the HeartBeast video's, to be more precise, the "Hack'n'Slash...
  12. S

    Windows Hey Guys, my colision-system is completely broken!

    I tried everything I could but after 3 months I just gave up can you help me? For further information here's my reddit post about it! I didn#t want to program this whole thing from the beginning again, please help!
  13. William Garrison

    GML Unique Object Collision

    I have a Collide event with the character that swaps the sprite of a flower to an animated sprite. Problem is when the character triggers that one flower then ALL the instances of that flower object change sprites. Can you point me in the right direction to fix it so just the one flower reacts...
  14. A

    GMS 2 [Solved]Need help. Collision with multiple objects in step event.

    Okay so I can't seem to find a solution that works so I might as well give it a shot here. Most of the code I used here is copied from some videos on youtube, and combined everything a bit to get the result I wanted. I wanted to make a game where you smoothly could move up and down slopes...
  15. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Check colision between 2 specified objects

    I know that the place_meeting function only checks for colision between a specified object AND the object who called the function. I wonder if there is a function that does the same thing but using 2 specified objects in the parameters, this way I can check for colision from another object not...
  16. giraffeman210

    Question - D&D Game breaks when I change speed with collision

    I am making a shooter game where the enemies move down toward the player until hit or they go off screen. I have some slow enemies that take more hits and I want the normal fast enemies to slow down when they contact them so that they don't go past the slower enemies. No matter how I seem to do...
  17. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Most common ways to use colision mask?

    I want to make a colision mask in Gamemaker Studio 2, to my moving character and I ve been looking the internet to find some ways to use colision mask properly, here is what I found so far: 1 way: Just using the automatic colision mask that gamemaker offers. This seems to be very limited and it...
  18. S

    i am confused on how to make walls

    i did tried watching a few videos but i got confused or they were not working properly so i am wondering how to add walls so all i have right now is movement here is my code so far OBJ_player Creat//: idle = 1; walking = 0; up = 3; right = 2; down = 1; left = 0; Action = idle; Direction =...
  19. B

    My phyisics are wonky, please help!

    So I'm creating some sort of puzzle game, and my physics should work properly. But somehow the characters can jump even tho it's no speicified in the code to do so, is the hitbox range some sort of a circle or how does it work? Take a closer look at the video clip i made. Anyways the colision is...