1. M

    GML Math help

    Hi, I would like to find the formula for finding a single number (0-9) in another number. So to identify any number with a ‘9’ in it. e.g. 9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89,90,99. How can I code this as a formula for any number? Or is it even possible?
  2. J

    Legacy GM How to play attack animation over walking animation?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say im fairly new to Gamemaker so im not great at coding yet. im currently having an issue with my animations. i have created a working code and animation for my player's attack and have also got basic movement with animations to go with it. my problem is that when...
  3. G

    GMS 2 Any experience with capes/cloaks?

    I have wanted to create a cape/cloak that would be anchored to my character, and move with physics, as the character moves. My game already uses physics, but I can't seem to find any tutorial regarding creating a cloak in game maker. My question is if any of you guys have any experience with...
  4. NovaOzuka

    Wall Jump Help Needed

    So yeah, my only reason for making an account here is because I'm trying to make a Platformer in Game Maker. I hit a snag in the coding, and I'm having trouble getting any help. Heck I can't even sign in here at home because of reCaptcha. Anyway, the code I'm using is right here. The problem...
  5. G

    Variable Value Detecting Help

    I am creating a game, where you click on an object to earn money. I have the counter working so that it adds every time the object is clicked. What I want to do next, is have an image pop up when a certain value is reached. Example, when the counter reaches 100 or something like that. So I guess...
  6. A

    Can we change the game's name or the game icon during certain events.

    while making the game, is it possible to change the icon in the middle of the game.for eg. a game has a certain image for an icon when it is exported, but in the middle of its playthrough, the icon changes to another image (predetermined by the code). the same possible with the...
  7. K

    Novice Programmer - Need Help With Dialogue Boxes

    Hello. Okay, so I'm extremely new to Gamemaker, and I'm using Gamemaker 8, but I also have Gamemaker Studio. I have a sprite that I want to use for a text box for dialogue or event notifications or whatever. I also have a character that I can move around the screen. All the coding for her is...
  8. A

    How to take a screen shot.(not of the game)

    Is it possible in game maker to take a screenshot of the computer screen before the game actually runs. The game screen should not be visible in the screenshot.
  9. JohnSebek

    Multiplayer weird error.

    SOLVED So recently I have been trying to make multiplayer for my game, I was following tutorial by Aerion and he uses the GMnet multiplayer engine.So after programming all of the important stuff when I create a server or try to join it the error appears...
  10. B

    GML Multiple Choice Question Coding

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my senior project for school which involves me coding and building an educational video game-- the issue that has arisen is that I'm unsure of how to implement a multiple choice question system into the game. How I'd like it to work is have the player collide with...
  11. G

    [SOLVED]Making it so when a player touches an object it boost or decreases another objects speed.

    So as the title states I need help getting it so when a player collides with another object it decreases and increases another objects speed. So far I was able to get it to do both increase and decrease an objects speed, but it works weirdly. So I want it so after a few seconds the boost in the...
  12. D

    GML Camera follow not working for me

    Hey guys, I just sort of got into GML and I'm following shaun spalding's tutorial on making a platformer to get started, it's going well so far I understand how the stuff works and have been able to apply certain things in my game that aren't in the tutorial just based of the logic of it...
  13. M

    Need help setting a maximum value.

    So currently I'm trying to make pong as a practice run. I added in a collision event to speed up the ball each time it hits a paddle, but this is an issue now because the ball eventually is so fast that it goes right through the paddles. So I was wondering how I would go about setting a maximum...
  14. G

    [SOLVED]Pause Menu and Gamepad inputs working weirdly

    Hello, so I am working on a game for my graphic design capstone project and I choose GMS2 as the foundation for my capstone. I have run across an issue with my pause menu not collaborating with my gamepad inputs. So the issue is that I am able to pause and unpause the game with keyboard inputs...
  15. F

    Legacy GM Change of sprite/animation when pushing moveable block (SOLVED)

    Hey there, first post. I've been working on a simple platformer for a few months and I've come to a slight slow down with some coding issues for sprite/animation changes for a specific situation. I have looked all over and haven't found any proper solutions for this problem either, so I was...
  16. R

    Door object doesn't work but it was working before

    hello guys, its me again. This time I've got issue with doors. Trust me, it was working yesterday and a few hours ago. In fact, both of my doors in my game were perfectly working until I took a break from the computer. So I booted up the computer and play test my game. When I got to my door...
  17. C

    Prevent Creating Object Instance if a wall is above the Character?

    Hello I'm a newbie developer, who knows a little coding. So here is my situation, so i have a projectile that pushes my character every time he jumps, but i only want this projectile to appear if there is space above me, and i want nothing to appear when i'm jumping towards a wall before...
  18. C

    Re: Sprite help

    My Question was not answered so i made another thread(tell me if i did anything wrong) Hello, I am a young noob developer(i don't know coding that much), and i am making a platformer game. I followed the help of the kind Shaun Spalding in this video in order to make platformer physics which...
  19. EricPB

    GMS 2 Camera and Physics Conflict?

    Here is a problem, I am trying to make a physics based game for GMS2. As such I enabled physics for the one test room I have and the appropriate objects, and try to set up the camera. The problem comes that when I have the rooms boxed ticked off as using physics, the camera doesnt display the...
  20. P

    Control spaceship

    Hello. It has been a while. I have been learning a lot in game maker and am trying now to figure out how to build and control a space ship in game maker. I build a ship in the room, and am able to move the player around the room. What I want to do is make an object (like the captains chair)...