1. S

    Lil' problem with Enemy flashing

    So, I've got a little problem. I made it so that, when my Bullet object collides with the Enemy, the enemy's object flashes in white. The code is quite simple and small. The problem is that, on the first shot, the enemy doensn't go back to his normal state, and keeps white. It's solved on the...
  2. Mike?

    Issue with dash mechanic for movement

    Hello! This is my first time posting here and I'm in the middle of building my movement in Game Maker studio 2. I have horizontal movement down, however I can't seem to get the dashing ability work properly. In the create event, pretty straight forward stuff: move_speed = 300; key_left =...
  3. TyGamess


    If it seems like I post here a lot it’s because I can’t find the answer in the rest of the feed. I looked up “Crafting” before but they all had Questions on how to improve already Existing code. Basicly saying is I need help and I didn’t find the answer. So I have a parent Object for a set of...
  4. TyGamess

    Picking Up and Droping a Single Object

    I’m new(ish) to GMS2 but new to the website so I’m sorry if I’m positing this in the wrong area. But I’m having some problems woth “Picking up and Droping a single item” I’m making a game where you can only carry one item at a time. So I made the code and my character will pick one up but can...
  5. S

    cant get off ladder

    hi! so I put in code to make it possible for my character to go on a ladder and go up and down, but when I get on it, I can go as high as I want even though the character isnt touching the ladder object anymore. also, i cant move left or right on the ladder, or even jump off of the ladder, so...
  6. Sabnock

    [SOLVED] Line drawing Algorithm

    Looking for a good line drawing algorithm. I want to be able to per pixel colour a line so i can animate colour along the length of the line which GML does seem to cover i have looked on line and seen a few options but wanted to get advice on what was best for quick, efficient game use...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Destroying sprites form layer

    Hi, I need to destroy sprites called sTree from my asset layer. All 10 of them. Can this be done, if so how? Thanks.
  8. rawket

    GMS 2 Help with sprite change on asset layer

    So in an object I have this code for room start if areas_coastal == "burned" { layer_sprite_change(layer_sprite_get_id("buildings", "spr_diner1"), spr_diner1Burned); } It runs but the sprite doesn't change
  9. Null-Z

    Legacy GM (Please Don't) Exit stage left. SOLVED!

    For my Boss object, I have a phase where it hovers over the player before dropping down. I want it to move back and forth around the player's X before dropping. the problem? it just float's away seemingly ignoring the conditions I set for it. What am I misunderstanding? Functioning code
  10. SendTheGravy

    Coding help

    I'm SUPER new to game maker and just need a bit of help with some coding. Let's say I have two Objects, Object A and Object B. I want to make it so when I interact with Object A, Object B's sprite changes. How would I go about doing this? Help is much appreciated :)
  11. samspade

    GML Coding Fundamentals in GML Tutorial Series

    GM Version: GMS 2.2.5 and 2.3 Target Platform: All Download: Github Repository 2.2 and Github Repository 2.3 Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A GML tutorial series focused on the basics of coding in (unsurprisingly) GML. It is updated for 2.3 (almost). All of the videos will be posted below but...
  12. Vargas

    GMS 2 A Game With Navy Ships in It

    Introduction: So I've gone through the basic tutorial on Youtube for GMS2 before but I wanted to try something a little more ambitious this time around. Instead of making a small game where you have one objects that flies around, I'm making one where you drive a warship and use multiple turrets...
  13. DragonRod342

    Legacy GM [SOLVED!] Pathfinding stop when surrounded

    Hi everyone o/ I'm coding a top down game where enemies follow the player if they're close enough to it. I'm using this code: this works pretty fine, but when an enemy with this code is surrounded by walls and have no possible path to follow, it just disappears! My game'll have some places...
  14. A

    GML Speeding up cutscenes/gameplay event coding

    Hey guys. I'm making a game that is based on missions, during which I have to control things such as enemy behaviours, dialogues, cutscenes, ecc. Hello :) I am making a game that has alot of missions and cutscenes. The way I code them right now is by having the main mission script with a...
  15. M

    GMS 2 Help with a HnS Platformer (GM: Studio 2)

    I need help for a script: i'm starting with a test for a future HnS Platformer game (first I make a test, then I will make a game about). My character is supposed to attack both when is on the floor, and when in jumping. The problem: when I start the game, the code doesn't work correctly Here is...
  16. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How to run a Main Menu?

    I just see a lot of Youtube tutorials about it but in no one is it explained how to do that the main menu should be run first before the whole game does load the room and the objects in the room. So how do I do that the main menu is executed before the actual game? As soon as you want to start...
  17. S

    GML Rhythm-Based Game, Lag

    Hi! I am making a rhythm-based game, and essentially, if the game lags the music does not, so it becomes out of sync with the game and things do not happen on-beat. How do I fix this? Thank you!
  18. tagwolf

    How to plan and manage code for larger projects

    Game Development Code Planning GM Version: ANY (and not just for GameMaker, however this will be GMS2 "centric") Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will go over code and object planning for game (and application) project development to minimize re-coding and...
  19. N

    Cutting coding clutter

    Here it goes. How do you manage coding clutter, by clutter I mean lines upon lines in you character objects step event. I’d like to maybe experiment but putting some stuff in other interactable objects. What I mean is; If I wanted to interact with an object in my chars code I would put, If...
  20. W

    falling through the floor

    hey guys since am very new to Gamemakers studios am obviously going to stumble uppon some problems , since other threads and youtube seem to only take my time i will post my problem here. //get player input key_right = keyboard_check (vk_right); key_left = keyboard_check (vk_left); key_jump =...