1. M

    Legacy GM Value subtraction?

    So I have this code here: ///Take Away Lives lives - 1 How do I properly subtract the value? Thanks a bunch, even if you just read.
  2. P

    Legacy GM Using a point on a sprite that is moving and rotating?

    I have a spaceship sprite with two engines and I want to emit particles from both of them however I cannot make the particles emit from the correct spot because once I move my spaceship they fly off in the wrong direction and end up in a weird place. I know the coordinates of the two points I...
  3. Luke Pierson


    Hey so I'm making a game with splitscreen multiplayer, up to 4 players. I tested the four player views and everything looked good. However, I put some code to tell the game that if there's more than two/three players, the third and fourth view become visible, respectively. I did set the third...
  4. Luke Pierson

    Truck and Trailer

    Hey all, in my current game, a top down car game using physics, I'd like to have a big semi truck with a trailer. I have it so that the trailer's phy_position_x and y are equal to the truck's every step and the phy_rotation is equal to the trucks. I would like the phy_rotation to not be exactly...
  5. S

    Windows Fatal Error help?

    Hey guys! First time user here, I've been watching Shaun Spalding's tutorial on making a platformed, so far everything has gone well, I copied almost exactly what the narrator, the only thing I changed was the name of my objects but for some reason I get the error code...
  6. A

    room transition problem

    ok so i am making this platformer ppuzzle game, and i want to change from a room to another, i followed the video on youtube, but when i tried it it takes me to the next room but doesn't take the player object with it. and the thing is i have another project that i put in the same coding and...
  7. Luke Pierson

    Climbing ropes and collision

    Hey guys, decided to add a rope climbing feature to my game. So I have a rope item in the game that can be used while the player is in the ledge grab state. My issue is collision while in this state. The player will often times go too low on the rope and end up in a wall or if they try to jump...
  8. Luke Pierson

    Having non-physics object collision issues in a physics world

    I'm completely lost. I had spikes in my game. The hero would die if he collided with them. I added an arrow trap into the game, which required activating the physics in the room. Now he doesn't enter the death state when he touches the spikes. I even removed the arrow trap from the room and...
  9. Luke Pierson

    State Change please help

    Hey everyone. So I will be making a game that has 3 inventory slots. When an item is placed in a slot, it will set a variable as true. In addition, there is an item selector that moves between each slot. When you pick up a certain item (the whip), you enter the whip state. If the selector moves...
  10. Luke Pierson

    Timer for flashlight battery

    Hey everyone! Here again with another question :) So I have a flashlight item in my game that creates a timer that draws a battery sprite in the GUI. It should draw a different sprite as the timer goes down. It currently draws the full battery and then disappears as the timer goes to the...
  11. Luke Pierson

    [SOLVED] Compass Pointing Towards Exit

    Hey everyone! So I have yet another question. I'm prepping for a game jam by trying to figure out how to do things before actually making the game. I'm trying to implement a compass item that points towards the level exit. When you pick up the item, it draws the compass in the GUI. The compass...
  12. Luke Pierson

    Colored font

    hey GMC! So I'm trying to display text in my game, already have that down, and I have the font set to one of the preset colors, but I was wondering if there's a way to set font color using the rbg color code function?
  13. Luke Pierson

    Fleeing enemy and collision

    EDIT: Hey everyone! Help would be appreciated :) So I fixed the collision, however, during the flee state, and not the chase state, the bat will flee and then turn around and chase the player, and then spaz out I'm probably doing something very obviously wrong, but I need help. Flying...
  14. Luke Pierson

    Platformer flying enemy AI

    Hello GMC! I have a question about flying enemy AI. Any help would be awesome, especially examples of code for the desired effect ;) I'm awfully new to Gamemaker. I'm making a platformer and would like to add bat enemies. My problem is that I have no clue how to give them AI. I messed around...
  15. Luke Pierson

    Full screen issue

    Hello GMC! I come to you with another problem I'm having. I want my game in fullscreen, but while in fullscreen, a sparks effect that occurs when hitting enemies causes the black edges of the screen (since my view in game is smaller than my screen size I guess?) flash really bright and...
  16. Luke Pierson

    (Solved) Coding Boss Question

    Hello folks! I've got another question and interesting circumstance. So I'm designing a boss that I want to randomly switch between 2 (maybe 3) attack states. So I have a chase state for the boss and if he's close enough it activates the attack state. In the attack state, I have it so that he...
  17. H

    Legacy GM Wall Sliding Animation.

    Hello again, sorry for all the recent posts asking for assistance but I promise its just a learning curve haha. Anyhow, I was trying to create animations for my current project and completed quite a few of them. I've coded them in and they're working but I am struggling being able to code it...
  18. Luke Pierson


    Discovered my error. Can't find a way to delete this post
  19. Luke Pierson

    instance_create after audio cue

    Hey folks! Got another question. Is there a way to have an object be created after an audio cue? If so, help on coding that would be stupendous! :) My goal is to get an enemy to shoot a projectile and play a sound for it BEFORE it shoots. Initially, I tried making a visual cue, but I want to...
  20. Luke Pierson

    (SOLVED) Need help with animation end...

    Help me please :) I'm trying to get an object to return to its idle animation after teleporting. Step event: if position_meeting(Fence.x, Fence.y, Fence) { sprite_index = spr_cleric_teleport; } if sprite_index = spr_cleric_teleport { if image_index = 5 {...