code animation

  1. L

    How can I change to fall state

    How can I change to fall state when I can no longer touch moving objects, I can do it when jumping but I can't do it without ground. If anyone knows how please help me! Thank you very much .
  2. Irinaldo Soares

    Drag And Drop The Player does not Move to the Right

    I followed the tutorial, and everything was going very well up to this point, where this fatal error occurred. I launch the game, the player walks without errors to the left, up and down, but when I click the arrow it does not go to the right. Can anyone help me solve it? (The tutorial I'm...
  3. TearyLilium

    GML Code equivalent for animation end event

    I am trying to come up with code equivalent for animation end event. I have seen other people mentioning using stuff like if (image_index > image_number - 1) { // Do something } but it doesn't actually work the same way animation end event does? If I have a sprite which consists of 4...
  4. R

    Windows Help with walk animation cycle & directions stuck

    Been following a video tutorial on youtube with FriendlyCosmonaut creating a character movement and collision with animations but my character is forever facing up and doing an animation walk cycle, i press key left or right and it wont change. why is this? i tried following the tutorial closely...
  5. S

    GMS 2 Object animation with code. What command choose.

    Ok i try to make animation in code and have problem with some piece of code. I try in this code make the player sword move from direction 0 [direction 0 is default possition] to max direction but i want the sword if is in 50 [maximum angle] he come back on the position 0 and retry this move if...