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  1. SubWolf

    Android Cloud Sync Failed (Drive.SCOPE_APPFOLDER)

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this problem? I used the Yoyogames' Tutorial to put cloud saving in my game... but it's returning this error and I don't have a clear idea what is causing it... The GameMaker's Console shows this: There's another detail, I was having another kind of...
  2. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iCloud Get Token - Extension

    This small extension allows you to easily: 1 - Determine if user is signed in to iCloud on their iPhone / iPad 2 - Will return the unique iCloud Token for the user As this is a unique token you can use it to sort of identify a specific user across multiple iOS devices. The reason is you are...
  3. bocoboc

    Steam Steam Cloud Synchronization

    Hello, I'm currently trying to implement steam cloud to my game but I ran into a problem. I decided to use Cloud API and all my writings to server are fine, but steam only downloads these files to its own "userdata" folder and not where they should be. Is this how it suppose to be? Neither GMS...
  4. Coded Games

    HTML5 [Hour of Code] Cloud Constructor - Build Your Cloud!

    Learn the basics of cloud computing by building your own cloud! Build servers, upgrade them, and connect clients to keep up with network demand. Play the role of a Cloud Architect during the interactive lesson and test your skills in the endless game mode. Cloud Constructor was built in...
  5. B

    Legacy GM Uploads Empty File Without Description and Image To Steam Workshop (Cloud Is Enabled)

    (I have posted an updated thread and I don't know how to delete this one...) Hello! I've seen other threads similar, yet they do not help me past this issue: The following code executed successfully and the audio_play_sound function is played meaning the call happened. It runs from...
  6. W

    Android Google Play Cloud Saving

    I trying to save data on cloud but i never done this before. obj_service is object for testing if it works. When i reinstall game, nothing is loaded. There is probably a lot of mistakes, can you help me fix it? :(
  7. D

    Android Android Cloud Saving

    Hello, I have some problems with Android CLOUD saving. I don´t know too much about this, so I need your help. First how does it work? A = When you load your game and login to GOOGLE PLAY account a turn off internet will you be disconected from Google Play account and do you need to...
  8. G

    Android Google Play Services Extension crash (details inside)

    Hey guys, I just purchased the GMS2 mobile platform module and am in the process of migrating my GMS1.4 projects. Currently I am dealing with getting the cloud saving to work right, as on startup of the game on the mobile device the game is currently crashing. Google play lets me know that the...
  9. zbox

    Asset - Extension CloudSave - iOS & Android [25% OFF]

    CloudSave Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2FC8XKt Category: Extensions (All Platforms except for HTML5) Price: $39.99 $29.99 Modules: iOS & Android Description: Read the documentation here CloudSave provides a seamless solution to save your user's games on both Android and iOS whilst only requiring...
  10. Beechbone

    What do you use for storage / backup drive of your projects?

    Hey, just wanted to get some opinions on what do you use for long-term storage of your game projects, game assets, docs etc. Where do you store your project files and compiled builds while working on a project and after finishing it? Do you use external drives? Do you use cloud. and if yes...
  11. Bee

    Steam Saving to Steam Cloud

    Hello wonderful people, We're so close to launching our first game! But I'm trying to figure out how to save and load from Steam Cloud. Before, I was using ds_map_secure_save and load, but if I do that and save that file, it's encoded and doesn't get decoded. So I tried writing the map to an...
  12. @

    Android Problems with Google Cloud saving in GMS2

    Hey everyone, I've been struggling to get Cloud saving working in GMS2 for a long time now. I've basically tried every tutorial I could find. Recently I've followed this tutorial https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/cloud-saving-on-android.27685/ There is also a Marketplace asset...
  13. F

    Looping Clouds – spawning, destroying, adjusting variables

    Hey! I'd like to have cloud shadows that move across the screen, destroying themselves once they move off screen, and then re-spawning. I have obj_cloud where I define the properties: image_speed = 0; image_index = irandom(3); image_alpha = 0.1 * random(0.3); image_xscale = 1 + random(0.2)...
  14. J

    Android Multiple Cloud Saving

    Hi ! I need some help : I'm building multiple games for android. Each one is a part (or a chapter) of a big story. Basically, i want to share Cloud saved data beetween each of this games. Exemple : In chapter 1 my player won 1500 point of xp. I'm saving it on the cloud. Then my player is...
  15. zbox

    Asset - Extension GMAccount - Online User Data

    GMAccount - Online Data Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2u7bJoA Category: Extensions Price: $39.99$19.99 Modules: All Platforms Description: Compatible with GMS1 and 2 - All Platforms Requires your own PHP server to run. See the manual for more information An easy to implement system that lets...
  16. D

    Android [solved] Cloud saving on Android using google services makes game crash.

    [SOLVED] I had to manually disable and enable API in Google Services/game details/ last section. Hello! I'm having some strangle problems. I'm trying to make cloud saving using google services. It just doesn't want to work on my devices even though it works fine when running in bluestacks. I...
  17. Appsurd

    Android Cloud Saving for Android

    Google Play services cloud saving on Android GM version: GMStudio 2.2.5 Target platform: Android Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5485/cloud-saving-example Links...
  18. D

    iOS Are the cloud service functions available for ios?

    I'm trying to use the cloud service funtions for ios. I have enabled Game Center and iCloud, but when I test I don't receive an async callback. As the title says, are those functions available for ios?
  19. jb skaggs

    Discussion cloud vs local

    In the computing circles of the 1980's there were dire warnings about computing moving to onine storage vs local. Convenience being the main driving force of why we would use clouds, they warned of catastrophic failures, spying, and cyber-tyranny. Things like what we see today, where you can't...
  20. G

    Cloud Saving... Myth or Reality?

    I know GMS does not support Google Cloud Saving, but still I have Cloud Saving code in my game, hoping that someday it finally supports that feature, because I know it is a massively requested one. I also know that the Cloud Saving functions do actually (and only) work in the Amazon Fire...