1. Jorg Gjer

    Windows Spine Animation Clipping

    Hi I have an animation made in Spine. I want to be able to show it like on a tv. And also be able to move the spine animation so I see different parts of the animation depending on user input. I guess I need a way to clip the Spine animation. Can anyone help and set me on the right path?
  2. TroianZZ

    3D 3D Far clipping plane is hiding objects that are still in the view

    I am using GM 1.4.9999, but it is relatively the same as GMS 2 Game info This is a 2D sidescroller with pseudo-3D code to achieve parallax scrolling and depth based effects. My view_port is twice the size of my view, so it upscales to 1920x1080. (I think this may be part of the problem). I am...
  3. ewmo

    GMS 2 Baked 3D shadowmap

    I'm working on a few projects that focus on a sort of blend between 3D and 2D Assets. So far I've had the usual hiccups, but at the moment I'm sort of stuck at a sort of impasse where the problems have finally converged on a similar roadblock. Problem 1: I need to have a 3D model with its own...
  4. DarthTenebris

    Windows Player Clipping to Wall

    Hello everybody, I am currently working on a 2D platformer, and have run into an issue. The player seems to be getting stuck in walls when walking left, but not when walking right, and I don't have a clue why. Perhaps a fresh set of eyes can help me. Create Event: Step Event: Any help will be...
  5. yashamatt

    GMS 2 [Solved] How to get unstuck while in collision objects?

    So I have a beginner-style collision code set up and I either want to improve it to avoid bugs or develop some sort of work-around so that if bugs occur the player isn't perpetually stuck in a collision object. I kind of need some help brainstorming a solution. Due to dealing with a scope...
  6. Kyrieru

    3D Disable 3d tile clipping?

    If I use orthographic, I can't seem to stop tiles from clipping. Any attempt to "zoom in" seems to result in clipping, what's a good tutorial or general practice for working with orthographic and tiles?
  7. Sam04

    [Solved] Clip a shape out of another one

    Hello everyone. I am trying to cut a hole inside a rectangle not using shaders but is seems I am unable to achieve it. First, as a guide, this is the effect I want to achieve: Made in paint, and just imagine the white part is completely transparent. I started experimenting a bit and this is...
  8. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 [HELP] Blending Mode Masking - How to Change Transparency

    Hello! I'm trying to clip one sprite over another (which I've done thanks to a blog post on YoYo), but now I would like to be able to change the transparency of the sprite that's being clipped. Here's the code: draw_sprite_stretched(sSolid, 0, self.x, self.y, solidxScale, solidyScale)...
  9. H

    Enemies clipping through walls to the north and west

    Hi! I am having some issues with my enemies. They keep clipping through the bottom and right sides of blocks, but not left or top sides. This was not an issue yesterday, but I have made many changes since then and I would rather not go back to that version. I have searched through both versions...
  10. M

    GML How to Clip a Sprite Outside a Rectangle

    I'm trying to figure out how to clip a drawn sprite so it can't be seen outside of a defined rectangle: (sorry if this image is a bid crude) I assume this can be done with surfaces or blend modes or something? I'm aiming to make this as efficient as possible, since it may have to be used a...
  11. Chaos Fusion

    GML 3D Wall Clipping

    So I'm working on a 3D platformer of sorts and I've run into a clipping issue with walls. Using the code from the old Gamemaker fps tutorial, I can get the character to slide along walls however If the player is moving too fast and collides with the corner of 2 wall objects, the player will clip...
  12. C

    Windows Sprite flickering after jump and clipping trouble.

    I've been looking at some tutorials and learned how to create movement, collision, and jumping; however, after adding animated sprites to the code, whenever the character jumps into a wall they flicker between standing and jumping sprites and it also clips into the ground and can't move due to...