1. D

    Drag And Drop Jump and wall climb

    Hello to all. I have just started using Game Maker 2 with Drag and Drop. I know many of you will be against using them, but I know nothing about programming. I was able to insert the first walking animations, but I am continuing to experiment. At this point I am stuck. I wish the character when...
  2. Sargonnas

    Ledge Climbing

    Struggled with this long and hard. My programming level is novice as I'm sure you'll see here. *I have oWalls (32 x 32 objects) which correctly stop movement in all directions, taken almost directly from a tutorial. *I have a toe point and a reach point which correctly determine if there is an...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Climb Animation during Climbing

    Hi Guys I have an animation cycle i'd like to play while the character is climbing... preferably forward while ascending, reverse while descending. my "walk" animation cycles while hsp > 0 and i'm touching the ground. but, my "climb" animations don't cycle through their frames while moving up...
  4. Freedom2Fight

    Climbing Ledges

    Hello everyone. I have been trying to make my character clamber up ledges for some time. This is what I hope to achieve: I cut the first few frames but she jumps and uses that momentum to climb. That is why she doesn't stick to the wall. Er, right. Now, I have managed to make my...
  5. tibbycat

    [SOLVED] Walking on top of ladder (changing state)

    Hi, I'm relatively new(ish) is to Gamemaker and I thought I'd post here as I'm making a platform game having modified Shaun Spalding's State Machine tutorial and I'm currently stuck trying to get my player to change into the normal state when in the climbing state and reaching or landing on the...
  6. Luke Pierson

    Climbing ropes and collision

    Hey guys, decided to add a rope climbing feature to my game. So I have a rope item in the game that can be used while the player is in the ledge grab state. My issue is collision while in this state. The player will often times go too low on the rope and end up in a wall or if they try to jump...