1. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Question about global variables

    Since I'm creating a top-down shooter MMO, a question about global variables came up to me... I don't exactly have much knowledge of how to implement dedicated server-based gameplay, but still it kept nudging me; if I set a global variable, would it be global to only one player's character or...
  2. MilesThatch

    Testing Networking game. Second IDE throws errors when first one saves

    I've done a networking project a year ago where I had 2 IDE open and I did not experience this issue: Networking project open in game maker, game is a server and client built-in. It's clearly a feature in the GMS - when I save in one instance, the other instance updates the files. You could...
  3. Surgeon_

    Issues with non-blocking raw connection

    Hello, I am having issues with setting up a raw connection, with non-blocking sockets, using Game Maker Studio's built-in functions. Now, this is not a programming question, I know how to program the whole thing, but the issue is the following: The game usually has trouble connecting to a raw...
  4. M

    Networking send information to client via udp

    Hello everyone, I was looking through the documentation for network_send_udp and it said that it was used to send buffers to a SERVER, I was wondering how I would go about sending information from a udp server to a udp client and if you can connect (udp) using the network_connect function...