1. huenix

    Multiplayer Player Specific Objects/Layers with Networking Server Client issues....

    Hello..... i am making a multiplayer board game or sorts. What is done/working: -server/client buffers passed back/forth between each player (movement, sprites, etc) What I can't figure out and trying to do: -Player "A" and "B" are standing next to each other, both next to a room, with a...
  2. H

    Discussion GMS2 suitable for cross platform browser based mmorpg?

    Hello community, as the title suggests I am curious if GMS2 is a suitable platform for a rather ambitious project I have been planning for a while now. I need the following Intuitive development environment that grows with my skill levels and the projects scope Be exportable in a format that...
  3. DonMaklesso

    Changing from TCP to UDP

    So basically I have a basic multiplayer (server - client) in my game running on TCP protocol, but I wanted to see how it works on UDP. But when I do this (change from tcp to udp) client can't connect to the server, like it entered wrong IP (same result). Could you please tell me if I should...
  4. Jihl

    GMS 2 Socket question!

    Hey there! I have an unusual question about sockets. Is it only neccesary to use the network_destroy function when I need to change a socket type? When should I use this function in game maker? Does it have any importance if I want to connect to different servers over the time? Thanks!
  5. Jihl

    GML Network question

    Hey there all! I am getting a console message saying this: Client(1) Connected: ERROR: login failed And I quite don't understand the error since I've read and used the network system as best as I can and I have not found any information about this anywhere. Do anyone know what...
  6. I

    GML GMS2: Networking Client to Host issue

    Hello, As an introduction, I am working on just a simple networking game using the Game Maker Studio 2 with GML. Ever hear of the game slay? I thought it would be a great idea to get back into the groove of game maker. Its been probably 5 days since starting, and 3 days since I've run...
  7. B

    GMS 2 Client/Server Architecture

    Hello everybody, I recently got a idea for a game I'd like to prototype... a sidescroller. However, as my previous game I want this one to be online at one point as well. For my earlier games I had two seperate programs. The client (game) and the server. What happened due to this is that the...
  8. N

    Game Play Services Error

    Hello, I have kind of a complicated problem. I have this error 'Game is having trouble with Google Play Services. If the problem persists, please contact the developer for further assistance' I checked debug mode, it said something about Account- Change- Wrong OAUTH -code
  9. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Client reads 6th buffer incorrectly (possible engine error?)

    I've pinned down a strange issue while writing buffers, that seems to be out of reach for me to solve. I have 10 buffers being written from server to client to load content onto the client by specifying static and then dynamic contents' data. Everything is transferred correctly EXCEPT the 6th...
  10. G

    HTML5 Consumable items in HTML5 and how to prevent cheating?

    I was trying to figure out how to secure items amounts in HTML5, such as "gold" amount, and "money" amount. Since the player can change the codes whether using a cheat engine or directly changing it using the inspect element; assuming we use ini. So here is what I'd thought, I am gonna make the...
  11. Z

    Can't send TCP packet

    Hello, i'm trying to send a string packet from step event in net-manager object by calling a send script. but for some reasons its not sent. in the networking event i used same method and it works perfectly. i'm absolutely stunned right now. here is a picture for explaining further. (i'm using...
  12. Z

    Windows trying to read received tcp packet: illegal argument type

    i'm trying to read a received tcp packet from custom c# server. i copy the code from an officiel example (NetworkDemo) i'm stuck on this for days now. all that's happening is the server sending a packet containing a message and i'm trying to read it and flash it to the debug console. here is the...
  13. jana

    TCP client won't connect

    Hi, I'm trying to run a server and a client on my laptop. The server starts, but I get an error when I try to create a client. This code runs in the client's Create event: connect = client_connect("my.ip.address", 50000); and here's the script client_connect: var ip = argument0, port =...
  14. L

    GML UDP server and client

    Hi, I got some issues to make my game multiplayer. So I just tried to make a simple server and its not working.. :( Someone know what I did wrong? obj_server: obj_client: Thank you -LeXranger
  15. G

    Network Connections

    I have a simple client and server set up going on. The client will attempt to connect to the server in the step event. However, I've found that if the client fails to connect to the server on the first try (e.g. I turn the server program off), it will never be able to connect to the server even...
  16. G

    Networking Issues

    I have an extremely basic network set up, but the client does not seem to want to connect. I have two game maker programs running on two computers connected to the same wifi. I am using teamviewer so that I can work off one computer. The first one has an client object with this in the create...
  17. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM Networking: client <-> server miscommunication

    Hello, Having a problem with networking I decided to look into. Problems with TCP: - server steals packets it sends to the client and claims them for itself offsetting the buffer seek and causing errors. Problems with UPD: - Once the client sends a packet, the server will read that packet...
  18. S

    Legacy GM Save buffer server side

    Hi,i was wondering if i receive a buffer from the client and i want to save it to the server how should i do it? Should i use buffer_save(buffer, filename); or something else? And would it work if i receive 2 different buffers and i want to save it one by one?
  19. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Client from a different machine won't connect to the server locally?

    Not long ago, I tried out having a wifi connection with two computers connecting to the same wifi, and since what I have here is said to be local connection, I thought this should work between two machines of the same connection. May be I'm misunderstanding something, but for whatever reason...
  20. Luke Pierson

    Looking for online multiplayer advice/insight

    hey, I'm looking to make a relatively small rts. Main thing holding me back, go figure, is the networking. Wondering if anyone here has successfully made an online rts using GM, and what they've found to work best in terms of the networking. Like should I build one from scratch, hoping for the...