client and server

  1. Gresse

    GML How to connect two computers with routers in between?

    Hello, I am trying to make a game with an online multiplayer option. I am building the game lnke that: You as a player can set up a server, to which your friends can join. The server handles all the game logic and sends the result (player positions, health, ...) tho the clients. (Like in the...
  2. G

    Networking problem GMS2 - client Async event doesn't happen

    I'm working on a pvp protoype and is exploring networking for that project, but I've run into problems: Server seems to be sending (I get a bytes sent count), but the client doesn't even throw the Async Networking Event. - Server application *is* up and running. - Client *can* connect with...
  3. X

    Networking newbie

    Hi guys, I want to do a little project and cannot see where to begin to be honest, here is what I would like to do, ping a pc on a network every five mins and place a sprite on screen if a ping is true and the pc is visible, this is my ideal scenario or create a server program and when a...
  4. F

    Legacy GM Search for game created

    Hello there Im trying to make a multiplayer game and im using multyplayer addon from marketplace. what it gives me is i need to create a game on one device and then join the game from another one. That is fine, however when im joining i must enter the ip address of the device that created the...
  5. BMatjasic

    Asset - Project UDP Game Networking Engine (GMS 2 and 1.4 Compatible) 6.99$ Release discount!

    Complete UDP Networking engine, that is very simple to use and very optimized! it also includes HTTP Login and register system. Every single line of code is commented! Marketplace URL: Link Download demo: Link Video of demonstration: It includes: Very easy to use Simple coding A server...