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  1. Andrew R. C. Beck

    HTML5 Eggs Factor! = Egg Farming Clicker.

    https://cwgames.itch.io/eggs-factor [ This was a very quick personal 'JAM' of sorts that is the product of a day and a bit of work - ENJOY! :)] ------------------- Hey hey hey! Have you ever wanted to be a chicken farmer and earn that coin? Well now you can with this fun little clicker...
  2. Bokkie2988

    Windows Try my new game Cat Clicker, a cookie-clicker inspired clicker game!

    In this little game you collect as much cats as possible, and with those cats you can buy upgrades to gain even more cats! In a matter of minutes you'll have thousands of cats! Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/pZEnpfA Im looking for feedback, so be sure to leave some if you try the game out...
  3. W

    Drag And Drop [HELP] Money error/glicht doesn't shows

    Hi, Im doing one of my clicker projects and i was doing small cutscene and i did it and it worked but somehow i cant add money... its really hard to explain but... (warning my names are weird) I have new object named : MONIESSS inside of it there is draw event and inside of draw event there is...
  4. B

     Cube Clicker

    This is my first game and I really enjoyed learning everything I did. My coding is not the best and some things may still not work as intended, but I really loved using GameMaker! I made this using a trial for a game jam and I'm trying to purchase a license of some sort soon. This game is a...
  5. isaacyoshimario

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) Help with math coding?

    So i'm making a clicker game, and i want an item's price to increase every time you buy it, so i multiply the number. I don't want the price to have decimals, and if i multiply the price by 2, it's far too fast. Is there a way to multiply slowly but also keep the number whole? Thanks for answering!
  6. C

    Simple Menu/Layout Help

    Hey y'all. Super noob here. TL;DR I'm trying to make an Idle/Clicker game and I'm stumped how to arrange some simple menu buttons. Essentially, the layout I'm trying to emulate can be found in War Tycoon (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/war-tycoon/id1228259820?mt=8) and Idle Universe...
  7. The-any-Key

    Released SuperNova - (Multiplayer-Clicker-Game)

    This is a multiplayer-clicker-space game. You and your co players must in three minutes provide energy to the mothership and yourself and escape the supernova explosion. Choose your bonus, ship and hit the loadingbay and fill your stock. When in space you need to protect the mothership from...
  8. @

    Beta Dig Away!

    Hey everyone, I've been learning with Game Maker for a year now and I've been building my 3rd game, 'Dig Away!' for past months. It's a mining themed incremental/clicker game on Android with retro themed art and music. Short tutorial how to play: -Tap to mine ores - your train driver ships and...
  9. D

    GML Infinite -illion generator?

    I noticed something in clicker games such as Clicker Heroes where it's able to almost infinitely generate -illions for the amount of currency you have. I want to do something similar to this for a game I'm making. Therefore, what I need to happen is as follows: Generate -illion prefixes Have...
  10. S

     VineGame [Working Title]

    Welcome to the newest Vinesauce Inspired fan-game that will likely not become completed. But just in-case it does, or if anyone is just interested in watch where it goes, I decided to make this. If you don't know what Vinesauce is, it's a group of mainly Twitch streamers who also upload some of...
  11. I

    HTML5 Consumption Tax

    Consumption Tax Feed the adorable little money grub so he can grow! Consumption Tax is a short, dark humor clicker. The game can be played in browser on any device! Play it free on our site - www.iconoven.com Art by Gabriel Priske Code by William John Holly Design by both of us
  12. M

    Showing sprite

    Hello everyone! Few days ago I have an idea to make an clicker game with case opening. Everything goes without any problems till now, where I cannot show sprites in room. I make most of my code in room's creation code, but when I try to make some sprites using "draw_sprite" they simply didn't...
  13. @

    Beta Milk Away! Cow milking simulator, incremental [Android]

    Hey, I am building my 2nd game with GMS now, 'Milk Away!'. It's an incremental/clicker game about cow milking. Haven't seen any games with cow milking -theme so wanted to give a try. I have just moved it to open beta on Google Play. It's far from ready but the main mechanism and concept is...
  14. S

    Released Stickman & Blast ( 1 million downloads in Google Play Store !!! )

    Hi, guys! I've released my game to global. (Both Android & IOS) Stickman & Blast : Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msg.blast Stickman & Blast : IOS - https://itunes.apple.com/app/jangpung-kiugi/id1143071370?mt=8 It achieved 1 million downloads in Korean Google Play...
  15. L

    Android The PoweЯ [Android,Free]

    THE POWER a game by S.R.L.C. studio. ASRIA PREVAILS, comrades! To begin with, thank you for cheking out this post and the game, i've put lots of effort into creation of it. :) What about gameplay? This game is about launching missiles (testing them), completing missions and increasing your...
  16. F

    Help with globals(clicker game)

    So i'm starting to create a clicking game. It consists in killing monsters. So my click damage is { global.clickdamage = 1 + global.strength; } When I try to add strength, I have a button that adds 1 strength. I click it and it adds strength but the click damage doesn't update, what can I do...
  17. @

    Android Little Economist [Android] idle/clicker game, my first real project. Feedback appreciated :)

    Hey guys, I've been now studying Game Maker for nearly a year now during my free time. I just finished my first actual game (after the previous training project): Little Economist Gameplay: The purpose of the game is to work (click a lot), invest money in stocks (gain idle income, also while...
  18. phillipPbor

    Windows CON (cookie clicker project)

    CON as in I-CON is an interacting game were you are just sitting here clicking the white cube. collecting items, endlessly. you like it? i heard that my friend liked cookie clicker endlessly, and i just cant get him to stop. thats why i have a bright idea as a cookie clicker game its a scary...