1. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Click on the TOP depth instance of a layer??

    Hello! I want to click on the instance that is on top of the others, but make the loop only on a specific layer. The function I have works the way it should: The above function is an adaptation of this video. However, if I check objects from another layer, this happens: (The left...
  2. M

    Click Tracker for Combos

    Hi all, I'm attempting to write a script that will count the attacks the player makes in a certain state. More specifically, I need to track the number of mouse clicks while in the attack state and then halt any attack inputs once the counter is above 3. I'm aware of the object/event system, and...
  3. Alaska Minds

    Windows Blac Demu (Action RPG - Hack and Slash)

    Hello All. I've created a project game named "Blac Demu." It is an action RPG that starts with a character named "Shadow-Man," that has been cast into Hell. You meet a gatekeeper and enter a portal into the underworld where you encounter the souls of the damned.... The rest has yet to come...
  4. W

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Change cursor when hovering over object

    Hi. I'm looking for an easy way to change my cursor, when I hover over an interactable. I have tried with DnD, but I think it could be made easier with a step event and some coding. But I'm not quite sure. Any ideas? Also, this is a sidenote and I don't want to impose, but I'm also looking...
  5. E

    GML Global Variables not being updated

    Hey coders, I initialise all my global variables in my first page. When i move into a fight i want the if/else statements to allow for me to create a battle system but the global variables are not being updated. (Also to note the global.MonsterSpeed> global.Spd is always called even if Spd is...
  6. SubWolf

    GML [SOLVED] Clicking on a Surface but clicks behind it

    Hello everyone! I'm with this problem... I created a Surface in the "Draw GUI" of an object like this: // Surface "Breaking Geode" var surf = surface_create(guiW, guiH); surface_set_target(surf); // here is the code drawing the interface within the surface // Drawing the Surface "Breaking...
  7. wilmer

    Legacy GM Change variable value by clicking on instances

    Greetings to everyone in the community: I need help in this, is that I have an object that works as a touch button, which I separate in the room in 3 instances, whose function is that by clicking on each one, my player moves only to the "Y" position of each instance; my problem is that I have a...
  8. C

    GML Mouse Clicks and Double Clicks

    Hello everyone, I may be re-inventing the wheel here, but I've been working on a solution for capturing clicks and double clicks of the mouse. I have seen some bits here and there on this topic, but I haven't found anything that I like just yet, so I decided to take a crack at it myself. I...
  9. M

    HTML5 Problem with first click in HTML5 games

    Hello friends, when I convert my games made for Android to HTML5 almost everything works fine, you always have to make some adjustments but there is something I do not know how to solve and it is driving me crazy, the first click of the mouse does not work or the first released, it throws a...
  10. S

    GMS 2 If Instance Clicked

    I have created a bunch of instances, I want to know how I would know if I clicked it because position_meeting() would activate all of them. It's a pretty simple problem but I haven't been able to find any answer anywhere.
  11. Meester Dennis

    HTML5 Scale in browser

    Hi there, I have an question. Sorry for my bad English, but I will try to explain my problem. I'm scaling my game with this code: Now the game window is scaling the way I want, but when i'm scaling my game down, sometimes my buttons didn't work. Is it possible to fix this problem? I you want...
  12. Y

    Legacy GM button press as mouseclick

    hey is there a function or something that basically says hey this is actually a mouse press. I'm trying to make a controllers gp_face1 button to act like when I click it actually acts like a mouse click. is this possible? or a function that lets me change the mouse position to equal that of an...
  13. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] Global Mouse Left overrides Mouse Left?

    I've heard from a previous thread that Global Mouse Left would be the way to go to make it so that, say, a text box I've created gets deselected. However, the moment I do this, even when I click on the text box itself, it stops from being . It seems as if Global Mouse Left overrides Mouse Left...
  14. maranpis

    adding collisions to move and click movement

    Hello guys: I'm working on point and click movements. I have a box that moves where the mouse is clicking, but I don't know how to add collisions if I can't divide my speed to hspd and vspd.I created two objects 1. a box ,obj_enemy_CL3_PointAClick 2. the crosshair obj_crosshair this the box...
  15. J

    Why doesn't game maker let me click my GUI?

    This has been driving me insane. I set up a button, that when pressed played a sound, and created an instance of another object. I then changed the button from just an object placed on the first instances layer to a draw_gui so it moves around with the camera. I have tried for hours but whatever...
  16. GMWolf

    GMS 2 Click & Drag Camera Pan - GMWolf

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Youtube Video Summary: Equiped the new Gesture events and GMS2's camera system, we look at how we can implement a simple, but effective camera panning system, allowing the player to click and drag the view around. Tutorial:
  17. D

    On click, change text

    Hello! I'm new to forums, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to do. I am currently working on a game in which when you click, text is supposed to appear in the given area. However, I've scoured the internet and have no idea how to go about doing this. I have little experience in gml, but...
  18. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 finding top most object in click without controller?

    can someone explain how to find the topmost instance of itself in a click? I have a hit_z and hit_depth variable that I want to be able to use to detect the top most instances clicked so for example I might have 3 objects with the following variables.. -inst1: hit_z = 0, hit_depth = 1; -inst2...
  19. P

    GML Make a not clickable Object

    Hi, I'm making a mouse-click controlled game, and I want the player to not be able to click on certaine spots because they are not walkable. I think I may have an idea how to start that in the Mouseclick object (it creates a little arrow that shows where the player goes when pressing the LMB...
  20. P

    Sprite changing when movement problem

    Hi, I have a little problem with changing the sprite when the object moves and changes direction. the sprite changes to the walk sprite when moving and back to the static sprite when standing and also changes to the sprite for the right direction. But it sometimes slides a bit or switches to...