1. FullCup

    Circle collision stuck in block.

    Could someone help me about the circle collision, I'm creating a game like 'Among Us' (movement), and I think a circle mask would be cool. However, it is hard to make the collision system so as not to get stuck in the block. How I'd like to do: You're just moving to the right, but the collision...
  2. KPJ

    GMS 2 Reloading Circle Game Maker

    Hi everyone! In my shooter game, I want a circle to popup on the center of the screen when my player is reloading his weapon. I want there to be a line tracing the border of the circle, just like a circle progress bar, to represent reloading. This feature is seen in many shooters. Does anyone...
  3. R

    how can I by an object that moves in a circle to follow my persoagem?

    Variables: cx = room_width/2 cy = room_height/2 r = 100; theta = 0; theta_spd = 2; That is the code of circlel: theta+= theta_spd; if(theta>=360) theta-=360 { x = cx+lengthdir_x(r,theta); y = cy+lengthdir_y(r,theta); }
  4. Tayoyo

    Design Different Health and Stamina Bars

    There are many different ways to express the player's health and stamina. What I currently have is a simple health and staminabar at the left top corner of the screen. It's boring, but it works. I recently messed up the GUI layers for my game, and instead of fixing them I was thinking of just...
  5. S

    Legacy GM Pixelated circles?

    I am wondering how to create pixelated circles using draw_circle(); and possibly surfaces. I've never really used surfaces or had a reason to so i would like to know if i can use them in conjunction with the built in circle function to make crisp dynamic pixel art circles, or if i would have to...
  6. T

    GMS 2 Drawing Circle with Varying Alpha

    I want to draw a circle that has a set alpha in the middle, and a different alpha near the edge. (Essentially a circle with faded edges) I know "draw_circle_color" draws a circle with a different color in the middle than the edge, but doesn't deal with alpha. I have searched the help file for a...
  7. O

    Circle Rotation With Touch

    Hi, i am working on this game where i have a circle and i rotate the circle with finger touch. The problem i am having is that every time i begin to touch the screen, my circle jumps to that angle. I want that wherever i touch, the circle should rotate keeping its angle relative to the touch...
  8. E

    Legacy GM turn object1 around object2, fixed to object 2's surface

    How can i make an object turn around another object with the same speed as the surface of said object is moving (like a tree on a planet turns fixed on the surface/outer radius on the planet with the planet). I can turn the planet/circle without problem (image_angle), but i have problems...
  9. Tom_SavePointsGames

    Legacy GM Circular and Pendulum Movement

    GM Version: GMS 1.4x Target Platform: ALL Download: n/a Links: n/a Summary: A tutorial that first shows you how to make an object rotate around the center point of an imaginary circle. And then shows you how to restrict that movement to create a pendulum. Tutorial: Part 2
  10. Didjynn

    [solved] Midpoint circle algorithm

    Hello, I'm trying to create an area around my player in circle that would grow with his levels. The thing is : I suck at mathematics. I made some research but I'm not able to understand what I read I tried on my side but it's too big for me. I don't even understand this wikipedia, I tried to...
  11. mar_cuz

    GMS 2 How Would I Do This [Picture]

    Hi Guys, I want an object, obj_Character, to follow another object, obj_Leader. The thing is, I don't want obj_Leader to mover further than 32px away from obj_Character at all times. The player will control obj_Leader and it must stay within 32px in any direction from obj_Character. Also, when...
  12. N

    How do you draw a circle at a low resolution?

    What I want to do is a pixel game, but I want to also draw circles at the resolution. I've been using views, but have noticed that drawing a circle will draw at the resolution of the window, and not the view. Is there any way around this?
  13. Erayd

    Shaders Drawing a curved gradient

    My end goal is to be able to draw shapes on object sprites based on their current pixel locations. Currently I can get a specific pixel and draw based on that, which is great. The below code should be getting the current pixel being processed, checking its distance with the midpoint and drawing...
  14. king javo

    Form Circle with Objects

    I'm trying to think of the best way to have all of my player objects (11) form a circle from a top-down view perspective. I'm planning to move them towards a point and I can either calculate each (x,y) around that point or do something else. Here's an example of what I want but from a top-down...
  15. B

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Createing a radius around an object

    Hey guys!I'd like to create a radius around an objects so when an another object is in the radius it would do something. In this case: i want to create a radius around a castle so when the enemies are inside the circle it would start shooting the castle. Thanks in advance.
  16. F

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Draw circle's outline with a thick outline?

    How can I draw a vector circle's outline? I typed this code and it gave me a gray circle with a 1 pixel-width black outline draw_set_circle_precision(64) draw_set_color(c_ltgray) draw_circle(room_width/2,room_height/2,100,0) draw_set_color(c_black) draw_circle(room_width/2,room_height/2,100,1)...
  17. Momfus

    Legacy GM [Shaders] Circle Area *SOLVED*

    Hi, I'm new in the use of shaders and i tried to make a shader on a sprite that make all the area inside a circle (center in the middle of the sprite) with a gray color and nothing outside of that circle. I have a object ob_planet with a 300x300 sprite (is just a circle with different colors)...
  18. 6

    Adding effects on a circle

    Hello Everyone! I'm making a game where you can use a bomb, which radius grows really fast and destroy everything in it's way. I've managed to do this, it's working really nice with collosion_circle, but for the display all i have is a draw_circle which is not so nice. Can you please tell me how...
  19. M

    GML Circle in a circle collision

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can help me. Have been using Game Maker Studio for a little while now and this has kind of stumped me. If I have Circle and inside that circle is the player(also a circle) what is the best way to do the collision so the player can't leave that area? Have added...
  20. Dragon47

    Asset - Graphics Circular Gradients (free)

    Download demo:!AppH38QcoEBfiKU-QqN8sqtLCe1mrg Link to marketplace: This asset includes a collection of 33 sprites with different types of circular gradients. Each type has three color versions. One that...