1. P

    Creating and destroying objects relative to the player's direction of movement

    I'm trying to create a sidescroller game that works in two dimensions, and loads and offloads objects in chunks. For example, say the player is moving towards the top-right corner of the room. Instead of the player object actually moving in this direction, all loaded chunks move toward the...
  2. S

    Legacy GM Infinite chunk generation

    Alright, this is going to be a tough one. I thought of the idea to make a top down infinite dungeon crawler. My thought process of how this would work is along the lines of this: I decided that using chunks would be a good way to go about this, Minecraft being an example of using chunks to...
  3. A

    Grid based system - Nested grids and lists

    Hi everyone, I'm new here on the forums, but I have been reading a lot. Thank you for being such an helpful community. Please be patient, I'm not that much familiar with Gamemaker. I have been trying for a few days to figure out a grid system for an exploration/city building game prototype...
  4. jackrucel

    Legacy GM [Solved] How do I use "file_text_writeln ()" without deleting the line I just jumped ???

    Hello, in the following example: //Creat: var ifile; ifile = file_text_open_write("Debug.txt") file_text_write_string(ifile,"Debugtest01") file_text_writeln(ifile) file_text_write_string(ifile,"Debugtest02") file_text_writeln(ifile) file_text_write_string(ifile,"Debugtest03")...
  5. S

    GMS 2 Few Question about map and chunks

    Ok i want make something like in MineCraft. Can i make something like infinity map with map generation by chunks and activate only chunks where player is? Ok i makefirst thing this is random world generation but if i want be this generation unlimited or infinity. Best if someone send piece of...
  6. Tontete

    GML Copy instances and tiles from other rooms in-game

    I am making an Open World game, it will have a very big map, so I was thinking of designing all parts of the map in different rooms, then when the player comes close to a "Chunk Control" object, it will take the instances and tiles of the specified room into the Game Room. I do know about...