1. Kezarus

    Language Support - Char Ranges

    Hello everyone! I am trying to add language support to my Framework for others to use and I bumped in a characters range issue. I plan to add cyrillic, japanese and chinese from Noto Sans Fonts. For cyrillic I added the range 1025 to 1105. For japanese I added 12352 to 12543 for hiragana and...
  2. JapanGamer29

    Steam Steam Leaderboard with non-roman names

    My game on Steam, Shisensho Solitaire, has a built-in Leaderboard that pulls data from Steam Leaderboards. My problem is that players with names in Japanese or Chinese don't show up on my leaderboard, presumably because I don't have the fonts for them. I'm currently using a Verdana font. Not...
  3. Kezarus

    Design Regionalization - How and Why?

    Hi everyone! So this is a practical question and a discussion about it. How: I have some idea that the game have to have an archive with ids and phrases that are called inside of GML. Then you set the language archive in the config file and feed a dictionary structure. Is there a better way to...
  4. E

    HTML5 Best practice for multiple fonts

    The font we are using now, fully supports Japanese, Latin, Cyrillic and Greek characters and it looks great. However when adding Chinese language, not all characters show up (some do because Japanese has some shared characters), because they aren't in the font. Is there a way to use a backup...
  5. Z

    (Localization) font_add with .ttf CPU and Ram Overhead

    Hello! I encountered a problem where displaying Chinese texts almost doubles the CPU and Ram overhead of the game. How the game is set up: 1. I have added a .ttf file (Simkai) to the included file 2. In the create event of a dialogue object, I used font_add to add the .ttf file and store its...
  6. Warspite2

    English to Chinese translation

    Ran into a problem while doing a language translation maybe someone can clarify. I done all my translations from English to Chinese. Here is what is happening... If I translated this sentence... The birds are singing To this in Chinese...Niǎo er zài gēchàng It will show fine in my draw_text...