1. M

    GML Checkpoints (safepoint) in a 2D platformer game

    Hello, I am farely new to this program and i am working on a 2D platformer in gamemaker 8.0, but i ran in to a problem with checkpoints. I currently have it all working that i an object called "checkpoint_deactivated" and an object "checkpoint_activated". As soon as the character hits one of the...
  2. Null-Z

    Legacy GM Checkpoint issues: SOLVED!

    For my Adventure Guy game, I am using the tutorial made by Shaun Spalding. It functionally works but I've run into a problem. when the player respawns from death, they pop in at the top of the screen, and in an enclosed space,(walk-on Platforms all around) they either don't pop in or (what I...
  3. V

    enemy' ID

    Hi! i'm working on a game about killing lots of dudes in a building (with multiple rooms) and i'd like to make checkpoints but the space in the game is pretty open. I need to save all the player's stats (health and number of kills) and I know how to do it in an INI.file. what I don't know is how...