1. maxdax5

    Checking for multiple collision...

    Hey hey buddies! I looked on how to check for multiple collision at once and only came up to the "instance_place_list" which happens to work. I just want to understand why this dont work: if (instance_place(x,y,all) != noone){ under = instance_place(x,y,all); with (under){ if...
  2. N

    Grandparents checking? (or somewhat)

    Parents checking I know of, but when a parent is a child of another object, I can't check the grandparent. For example: Object: obj_ground | child of: par_ground Object: par_ground | child of: par_solid Object: obj_pipe | child of: par_solid Object: par_solid | child of: **none**...
  3. P

    GMS 2 Tile Collision CHECKING

    hey guys, i'm making a game where you are on an island surrounded by water. I need help with making the player switch its sprite to swimming when he is not on the ground tile. but when he is on the ground tile he switches back to the normal sprite. I have the switching set up like this: and...
  4. S

    Checking for objects! Help!

    Hello! So I have a problem with my enemies spawning on items and each other, and not being able to move. Can someone show me the code to check if there is not an object in the way before spawning the enemy? I know it’s simple, but I’m self taught. Thanks for your time!
  5. S

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Is it possible to use event collision in code for masks?

    Should be a straight forward issue, but I can't find anything on it so I'm assuming there's no function for it. Explanation: So when you create a Collision Event with an object inside the event window of an object, it runs code only if it's own sprite's MASK collides/overlaps with the other...
  6. R

    draw event versus step event?

    If been trying to make bigger and advanced menu's with 2d array but it seems like I never fully understood the whole process? I always thought first the step event was checked and after that the draw event was executed. For example some small code that needs to be explained(if you can)...
  7. test global variable before testing another[SOLVED]

    Is it possible to test if a variable = value then test if another variable = value before doing an action? if so could someone show how it would be done? Basically, what i'm saying is i want to check if a global variable = something and if it does check if another global variable = something...
  8. Checking sub image of sprite [SOLVED]

    I'm wondering if there is a way to check the sub image of a sprite, from one object, upon the collision of another? If so could some please help me figure it out. Basically when my player collides with an obj, I need to check the sub image before it will or will not add to a variable. It would...
  9. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Specific Instance Burst Emitter Checking

    I currently have my particle system,type,emitter etc setup within a script (Particle_1) which I call upon when obj_small is in the vicinity of obj_ship and the player has pressed space. All of the obj_small instances are moving to the left if !place_empty(x,y) &&...
  10. N

    Bullet Collisions Not Working

    Hi, I have a bullet that travels at a speed of 64. The enemies are only 32x32 in size, so the bullet tends to teleport over them sometimes. I know there must be a way to fix this but I can't wrap my head around it. Any suggestions or hints are appreciated.