1. MacGregory

    GMS 2.3+ Save online chat

    how to save chat correspondence in a separate file? for example the variable message_key = "" is where the message text is entered. who knows how best to do it or may have already done it.
  2. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Chat room

    I was looking for either official or unofficial gamemaker chat. I found very little apart from this thred. I wanted to be polite and as if it would be OK to set up my own discord group. The forum is...
  3. Misu

    Welcome to Misu's Hidden Alley (Fixed link)

    In these days of quarantine and boredom, life calls for... 🌺 Misu's Hidden Alley🦋 🌈A special place to ****post, fool around feel safe and share time. If you have discord, hop in! If you dont, get one because why not?
  4. Bukmand

    Asset - Demo [TCP] Simple Online Voice Chat

    Voice chat between 2 clients or more. Tested on Windows 10 How to use: Create server. Press enter to choose your microphone. Press C to connect to your server. Hold space to voice chat. Download:
  5. M

    Any Arabic In This Forum

    No one is here ok:(
  6. BCrash

    Velocity - Twitch Racing Game controlled by chat

    VELOCITY is a Twitch streaming game controlled by chat commands (yes, it's designed to work with Twitch's delay). To start type play in chat (while no one is playing). Then use a to move left or d to move right. You get points for avoiding other cars and collecting coins. Once you crash your...
  7. R

    Legacy GM How to do a Chat? Like Whatsapp or FB:Messenger?

    Hello! I want to make a game like Emily is Away When you make your choices and you deal with the consequences. Im new in GM, and i want to know how to do it. Someone has a link of a engine or tutorial? I found a old link of a appearly very good, but was hosted in MEGAUPLOAD (2010). Please, i...
  8. H

    telegram chat group for Game Maker

    hello , we have made a chat group for communicating on the Telegram messenger. the idea is chat and discuss about game maker so developers can meet and improving themselves. click on the below link to join the group:
  9. R

    GML [SOLVED] Networking - Server send to connected clients

    I'm currently exploring networking and I'm creating a chat program for 2 users as a first project. I have set up everything I need except one thing. I want the server to send to my two clients a text string, the string with the chat history. My server has two variables names socket1 and socket2...
  10. RizbIT

    message api or extension

    Hi, i have an app where you can make friends with new people. if both people become friends i want to allow a 1 to 1 private between them, preferably where message history is stored, kinda like whatsapp. i can send a message to other user and they can readit when they logon to the app and...
  11. A

    Legacy GM Is voice chat possible?

    As the question dictates, is there a way to add a voice chat system with differant teams eg: Red team Blue Team! :) Tahnk you!
  12. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Kill Feed

    How would I come about making a kill feed? When I kill an enemy in my game I would like it to show in the top right corner that I killed the enemy (but show its id). How could I do this? All help is appreciated! :) Thanks in advance!
  13. U

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat)?

    Is there an official (or unofficial) IRC channel for GameMaker and/or users?
  14. C

    Curse Voice server for GM Developers

    Hey there! I am Caloxeno, a GM newbie, And I just created a Curse Voice server for GM developers! You can enter it by following this link: In case you are curious, I will answer some FAQ: What´s Curse Voice? I will give you the easiest...
  15. A

    Discussion The PM Penpal Thread

    (This is the revival of a similarly titled thread from the old GMC by @Yal!) Making games is serious biz and a massive task to take on your own, but who said you had to spend all the time hacking away in the basement? There's a lot of people like you out there, so why don't take the chance...
  16. T

    Android Creating virtual buttons for non-platformer game.

    Hi there! After a long break from GameMaker I'm finally getting back into it. I used to make a lot of simple platformer games based on story rather than complex gameplay. (Mainly because I am not at all a programmer) Because of the simplicity of the engine and my (very) basic knowledge of the...
  17. BMatjasic

    How would I make text draw reverse?

    Hello guys, Recently I've been working on a chat system in which I came to a small problem. I've created a script named draw_lines in which I've added the following code: var xx = argument0; var yy = argument1; var yyy = yy for(var i=0; i < ds_list_size(lines); i++) { var map =...