1. A

    SOLVED Unlocking Characters

    Hi! I need help with doing Unlockable characters. In my game i have a character selector, it works perfectly, and a global var who its supposed to, when the score is >=200 the pj2 is unlocked, but doesn't work at all and the pj2 still locked. Any ideas to do the unlockable characters?
  2. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Ord issues

    I'm trying to figure out what's happening with the 'ord' function. I want to insert an ord character (0 to 31 UTF). how do I do this? test_variable += chr(13); test_variable += ord(13); test_variable += chr(ord(13)); test_variable += ord(chr(13)); I want to insert a UTF control character in a...
  3. Preston

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] 2D Artist, Character, Environment, Animation

    Greetings! My name is Preston and I work as a 2D artist on contract for small indie projects. I am currently looking to add some additional small commissions to my workload. Check out my portfolio site below. I'm not at this time looking to work on any pixel art. Feel free to reach out to me...
  4. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] [PAID] customizable sci-fi character portaits

    Greetings, I require customizable future/space sci-fi themed character portaits. (non-pixel art) Swappable hairstyles and hair colours to be placed over multiple face types (male and female, various ethnicities e.g. black, brown, white. Probably three or more different face types per ethnicity)...
  5. Ben Collie

    Portfolio - Art Pixel artist and animator

    Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I'm a professional artist and animator. Video game projects are where I concentrate all my passion and efforts, and I have done so for over 3 years. Here are some of the recent pieces I've created: You can see more of my work on this website...
  6. Valrad

    Add a specific character

    Hello, I now am stuck about adding a specific character that is not in the ASCII table implemented in GMS2. I'm talking of █ (alt+219). Then I figured out that adding it to a font is the solution. But how can I keep an official font, and just add this character at the end? I looked at...
  7. Michael Franklin

    GMS 2 Character is off set in game

    This is my second game i've tried to make and they have both had this problem. I gave up on the first one because it wasnt important to me. This one though I am going all the way through. When I made the collisions everything worked. It looked like this: /// @description Physics //Keys key_left...
  8. Moose863

    Drag And Drop Jumping issues

    Hi, My character is set to jump when I press SPACE, although, when I am moving left or right and press SPACE it jumps really smoothly if I press SPACE it jumps but as soon as i hit LEFT or RIGHT it cancels out the jump and just moves left or right. How would I make it carry on getting to the...
  9. C

    PolyModular: Fantasy Roleplaying: Random Character Generator

    Hi everyone. I'm currently working on this thing. It's a tool for the one-click generation of random NPCs for the PolyModular tabletop roleplaying system. link to download: screenshot: Things that...
  10. S

    GMS 2 Player disapeares when entering the room again

    Hello, I am a little puzzled, my character goes to another room and when comes back to the first room, he is no where to be found. Anyone had this issue?
  11. E

    GML (Minus) Basic maths

    I want to take away 3 from an already set variable in a switch statement. switch (oCharacter.HPdiff){ case 0: oCharacter.Gold = -3 break; This essentially sets the characters gold to -3 instead of removing -3. Game maker doesn't like it if I set it out without the = oCharacter.Gold -3 Any...
  12. F

    Legacy GM Wall Sticking

    Okay so, whenever I walk into a wall (Going right) I end up going too far in and I think that's why I can't walk down or up unless I walk left and un-stick myself. I feel like this is an easy fix but no matter how many things I try I can't seem to figure it out. Solid: Chara (The parts that I...
  13. P

    Reflection of a character

    My game character looks to the right side. I want that when you press to the left that it reflects to the left. I use this code for the reflection to the left side. A run animation and jump animation I had and its work if (hsp != 0) { image_xscale = sign(hsp) } but when I start the game I...
  14. Adam Mansour

    Design What do you think of my character sprite?

    I showed it to some friends and they said he's ugly.. but I kind of like him.. but I also want to satisfy the players who might play my game. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your answers, opinions and tips for improvement!
  15. Suzaku

    GMS 2 About getting inspiration from other games and copyright

    Im not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I dont know a better place for it, so... I have tons of ideas for projects in my mind, but for one of them I would like to take inspiration from final fantasy oldschool games like final fantasy 1 and 5, but I have fear about getting...
  16. L

    GMS 2 Character Animation and Dialog Broken

    Hello all, My character animation was fine, (Four-directional, animating frames properly, pulling from a sprite sheet via a DS Grid.) but when I implemented a working depth system, my Animation broke! The character is now stuck front facing and constantly looping through their animation. I'm...
  17. V

    Character construction from multiple parts

    Hello, guys! I`m a beginner. I completed guidelines with creating a platformer, but all of them was about single sprited characters. So, that`s my problem: 1. I need to realize platformer mechanics 2. I have 4 parts for my character: legs, body, head and gun and all of them have basic...
  18. S

    Random letter selection

    Hello all, I'm currently working on a game where the computer selects a random letter, and the player has to correctly enter that letter. The system I have currently is really unwieldy and doesn't work at the moment. Here's what I have: Create: randomize() //set state to first stage...
  19. Suzaku

    GMS 2 "Jump to Point" should be used for movement?

    Years ago I was used to make the character movement in a platform game using the DnD "set direction" + "set speed" in a "key press" event, and then when the player wants the character to stop moving, I used a a "set speed" to zero in a "key release" event. Im coming back to programming and now I...
  20. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Most common ways to use colision mask?

    I want to make a colision mask in Gamemaker Studio 2, to my moving character and I ve been looking the internet to find some ways to use colision mask properly, here is what I found so far: 1 way: Just using the automatic colision mask that gamemaker offers. This seems to be very limited and it...