character creation

  1. Adam Mansour

    Design What do you think of my character sprite?

    I showed it to some friends and they said he's ugly.. but I kind of like him.. but I also want to satisfy the players who might play my game. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance for your answers, opinions and tips for improvement!
  2. Charles Toefield

    Portfolio - Audio Illustrator, Game Artist

    Hey Everyone, I'm an illustrator. In the Frederick Maryland area. Normally I work on Comics, Picture Books, and Character Design for younger audiences. Having said that, I'm interested in working some Game Art assets to build a portfolio for that part of the industry. I'm available to discuss...
  3. B

    Portfolio - Art Character/Environment Artist for hire!

    Email: Portfolio: Twitter: Tumblr: Hey! I'm Meaghan Hicks [BloodthirstyBovine online], and I'm a 2D game artist with several years in the games...
  4. Q

    GMS 2 how to create character customization

    hey does anyone know how to create a character customization menu in gamemaker 2? i use the drag and drop system. would it be easier just to use gamemaker 1? i want it to be like you click an arrow and it cycles through skin colors, clothes, ect. thanks a lot :^)
  5. S

    Help With Character Creation Code *Remake*

    Hey guys, I know I have already posted a similar thread to this, but I haven't really been working on Gamemaker for some time. So I wanted to make a new post on this subject. Now I have two questions to ask, but I'll only ask the first question as I create this thread and then I'll ask the...
  6. R

    How to handle character creation in a online multiplayer?

    So i'm almost done with my character creation screen and the sprite of the character can be changed in color. I think i'm going to use a shader so the outline of the sprite isn't affected by the color change. Now how can other people see this info since there is the hairstyle/eyestyle/body/style...