1. P

    Need help with making a live character swap system

    I'm still somewhat new to GML and could use some help with building a primary system I'd like to have in my game. I would like to have the player be able to quickly swap between 4 playable characters in an action RPG game. Each playable character has it's own moveset, sprites, and stats, such as...
  2. enique

    SOLVED Dynamically change image_index

    Using the code below I populate the room with an object, but I'm also trying to dynamically change the image_index of the object that gets placed down. For example the first object gets placed as image_index 1, then the next object that gets placed would be image_index 2, etc. for (var i = 0; i...
  3. tomlee2020

    Windows how to change Note text font and color in code editing page

    I am a novice, 10 days ago. I purchased this software. I studied and studied for a few days. I think this is a great software. But the disadvantage is that it is very unfriendly to the Chinese. I encountered some problems below. Hope to get professional answers. 1: This software does not have a...
  4. zendraw

    change instance`s object index

    is it good practice to use this function? instance_change(); one of the things that worry me are the facts its not accesable after you run this function and if you try to acceess it it wuld return an error, which is what the manual says.
  5. LWDIV

    [SOLVED] Path Tool (GMS2)

    I need help by solving the error: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Key Press Event for <Space> Key for object object0: Unable to find any instance for object...
  6. Daniel Mallett


    Is it possible to not only watch a variable for changes but when it does change, show you the line of code that caused it to change? This would be invaluable knowledge if it's possible. Thanks in advance.
  7. A

    Taking just one instance from an object

    Hello guys! I have like 30 same object in 1 room and I want to do when I click that object image_index change but when I click all of the 30 instances changing. I want this code for just that instance. How can I do it? Sorry for bad English...
  8. L

    No second room transition (Solved)

    Hi, i faced a weird problem. When i go from the menu to the first level of my game, the transition works but afterwards i cant get to the second level because of an error. if i change the order (first level instead of menu screen) i can reach the second level. basically i am just able to change...
  9. I

    GML [SOLVED]Variable changes back to old value

    I have score variable(well the variable is actually named scr) which i want to add one point to itself when another variable(called fallen) is equal to true. The problem is that when the variable goes back to being false my score variable also goes back to its old value (aka zero). Why is that...
  10. K

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Random Switch State, Idle - Wander

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to game maker but have been watching a lot of tutorials and reading the forums bunch and have been able to solve all of my own problems until now. Basically I have a zombie NPC, that switches between multiple states; idle, wander, alert, attack, etc. I was...
  11. S

    Starting an alarm after variable value has changed

    Been at this for months, still cant find an answer. I have a variable global.spawner, and it is set to 1. After pushing a button the value goes to 2. Once the value goes to 2 I want the next alarm (alarm 1) to start. This will repeat as the values get higher. Right now Alarm 0 starts once the...
  12. N

    Google Play requires me to change SDK [SOLVED]

    Hi, I was trying to get my game on Google Play, but it requires me to set the SDK to Android 8.0.0 API level 26. So I installed the SDK Platform + Build Tools for API level 26 (Android 8.0.0) but now it says BUILD FAILED. When I tried it on earlier versions of the SDK, I could just compile my...
  13. O

    GML Object that Creates Text at the Bottom of the Screen and Can be Changed from Room to Room

    I know how to draw text to the screen, and I know how to change where the text appears on screen. My main issue is that I do not know how to create text that can be changed from room to room. My knowledge on programming is next to none, and I would really like to implement this feature into my...
  14. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM Cant change alpha of multiple object - did I use 'with' wrong?

    I want to do image_alpha -=0.05 to multiple objects at the same time, and somehow this is not working. IT works if I just do image_alpha -= 0.05 and then apply to the specify object in the code form windowborder, but when I do it on the way below with script it does not affect those objects...
  15. XirmiX

    GML Replacing loop names with jojo memes?

    Okay, this might seem really stupid, but I thought I'd ask anyway... I thought it would be fun to just change the names of some loops just to make programming a game a little more fun for myself. You can create custom functions through scripts essentially and give them your own names, but is...
  16. XirmiX

    GML [Solved] How do I turn an int into a float?

    I have come across this issue before, where the program won't trigger a certain event because it's checking a float with an integer value. Is there some way to turn an integer to a floating point number? I've searched for this, but couldn't find what I wanted or in fact anything related to this...
  17. W

    GML Change sprite in movement situations

    Good night, i have a problem with a platform game, i can't find the solution. My player have different side, left and right, then the image_xcale don't work to me. How i change the sprite to stand to left, stand to right, run to left, run to right, jump to left and jump to right? the initial...
  18. S

    GMS 2 object_set_sprite problem

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to achieve something very simple: changing the sprite of a created object. So I have my object obj_face for which I would like to change the sprite (originally, this object has NO sprite). I have a Parent object with the following code to create the object...
  19. Posho

    Legacy GM Toggling Multiple Included Files' Properties At Once [GM:S 1.4]

    Hey there, I have a project that has a folder in the Inclided Files that contains about 800 images. I want them to not be exported for the HTML5 version of the game, though I need them for the Windows version. I noticed you can right-click and change the properties of each file individually but...
  20. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help with Change Instance

    I need some help with my project. I have a sun and a moon. They will remain in the same place, and I want them to change every 30 seconds. But I do not know how to do that. Each of them has a sequence of 5 sprites. I am new to the programming codes, I tried to do it with DnD but I could not...