change instance

  1. Writerstix77

    changing cursor to different objects

    I am trying to create a Room Escape Game and am having trouble with the mouse. I want to be able to have the user click on an item in the room (wrench_obj), and have it stored in the inventory off to the side (as wrench_inv). I then want the player to later be able to click the inventory item...
  2. J

    How to make single Instance of an Object change Direction when Player passes it

    So I'm developing a side scrolling game titled 'Gulpy' (my first game) and I'm having trouble making a single instance of an object change direction when the player passes it (in this case the object are tiny fish that the player must eat). I'm trying to make it so that each fish that the player...
  3. Liam Earles

    Windows Down on left analogue stick (Axis_lv) to change instance.

    Okay, so when I change instance by pressing down on both arrow keys, and the D-Pad on the controller, they both work fine. But with the Analogue stick, it's a whole different story. So I have an object that can do cartwheels which moves by changing the instance into a different object when...
  4. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help with Change Instance

    I need some help with my project. I have a sun and a moon. They will remain in the same place, and I want them to change every 30 seconds. But I do not know how to do that. Each of them has a sequence of 5 sprites. I am new to the programming codes, I tried to do it with DnD but I could not...
  5. jana

    [SOLVED] Change instance back

    After changing an obj_player to a different object, in the collision action: instance_change(obj_player_neutral,0); I'm trying to change it back to an obj_player after a delay, but nothing is working. I tried putting this in the step event of the obj_player: /// counter is declared and...