1. Kupoapo

    Windows Super Nate Adventure

    Super Nate Adventure is a challenging platformer made in GameMaker that just released recently on Steam. The game contains 12 different levels that span across 3 unique styles of worlds. Purchase the game on the Steam Store Page...
  2. S

    All-in-one [a Game Maker Challenge]

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to do this. ALL IN ONE This challenge is going to be an interesting one. Your goal is to make a game with only one sprite, sound, object, and room. It can be any game, as long as you keep it to the requirements and, if possible, family-friendly. There is...
  3. Carloskhard

    GML creating lists trough a script (Programming challenge)

    In context, in my game SIDERAL there're planets that are created procedurally.I've already code so the planets have variables which state how many of each thing they have inside (diferent types of terrains, buildings, objects...) : For example a desert planet could have a few sand mountains...
  4. R

    24hour game development challenge (Thoughts)

    Hi team, I was thinking on doing by myself a intense 24 hours game developing for fun or practice, what can you advice me to prepare , I would love to hear if you have done this and thoughts xD. By some mosters, stretch a little bit,etc. Best regards.
  5. HW.

    Android --[Challenging Question] How to Detect countries without any privacy issues or dangerous permissions

    So everyone might already know about GDPR or specific EU laws for EU end-users or EU citizens or 31 EU countries. To provide a "consent dialog" or such a "cookies notice" like on this forum or other website, i need some IF/Case code checking on GMS2 or maybe on the Android java codes??, whether...
  6. G

    Streaming 2 Hour Game Design Challenge

    Hey guys! Today I am starting a weekly 2 hour game design challenge where I attempt to create a full game in 2 hours on stream! This week I will be trying to create a tower defense game! The stream will be at 8pm Central -05:00 GMT tonight! Come hangout if youd like! GMS2...
  7. Misu

    Game Jam The Micro Jam - THEME: Crazy Party

    May 5th - May 8th theme CRAZY PARTY What is this madness!!! Its the Micro Jam, of course! A jam where you make a micro-game (like the ones from WarioWare). This challenge is pretty simple and easy although you think you have what it takes come up with an original microgame that is challenging...
  8. G

    Please help: Can you remember Project W?

    Project W was a game by Jesse Vogel that won Creative Game Challenge (creativegamechallenge[dot]nl) in 2011. (the included screenshot is the only one I could find) You had to pull levers to let water flow from the surface to underground tanks without drowning to clear levels. I recently had...