cellular automata

  1. Bingdom

    GML Cellular Automata (Cave generation)

    GM Version: GMS 1.4.1773 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary Cellular Automata is a discrete model which can be used for procedural cave generation. Required knowledge ds_grid loops (for, repeat) scripts, arguments Tutorial In this setup, we will be using ds_grids. For...
  2. K

    GML Life Simulators (and feats of procrastination)

    What's your favorite life simulator and have you ever made one in Gamemaker? If so, how did it go? I know these range in complexity from Conway's Game of life all the way up to massive simulations running in supercomputers. If you were going to make your own simulator how detailed would you...
  3. Y

    Shaders Have a shader affect an image multiple times?

    Hello! I am making a cellular automata shader in Game Maker studio. The shader, I think, works properly. The problem I'm having is it only performs the rules of the automata once on the image. Is there a good way to have game maker run the shader every frame, and continually change the last...
  4. R

    Legacy GM Dungeon Generation and General optimization

    Hi again everyone! I recently decided to give procedural / random dungeon generation a go (my system is a little mix of both) based on the principles of cellular automata. So far my system is working quite well, however I'm a little concerned about the potential performance of my system and was...
  5. Diogo

    Released AmalgamA - A game about finding pretty things

    Hello, there. I've managed to "finish" something this time around, so here it is. The game itself is simply about connecting the loose ends. There are different game modes based on how much they ask of the player, Endless being the most laid back, appropriate for the majority of people, I...
  6. Strobosaur

    Legacy GM World Generation - region connectivity: find closest free cell in ds_grid?

    For the last couple of weeks i have been spending all of my free time trying out different methods of randomly generating a level, and for my purposes i feel good ol' cellular automata is the way to go :) I've made a sequence of scripts to make it a bit more exciting than the classic 4/5 rule...