cave generation

  1. S

    Flintstones Themed 3D GTA style game Ideas.

    I plan to develop a 3D GTA style game with a Flintstones theme, i.e in the prehistoric era, that is mildly violent similar to the Simpsons Hit and Run. I need your game Ideas for this, so therefore I need Ideas for: What kind of vehicles am I going to implement in the game? Are there going to...
  2. Bingdom

    GML Cellular Automata (Cave generation)

    GM Version: GMS 1.4.1773 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary Cellular Automata is a discrete model which can be used for procedural cave generation. Required knowledge ds_grid loops (for, repeat) scripts, arguments Tutorial In this setup, we will be using ds_grids. For...