1. dizzy1666

    Android Space Niusha - android space arcade

    Hello! 6 mounths ago i made short space arcade for android about my cat Niusha. Goal is simple - eat more food and avoid stuff. You have 9 lives(like every cat) You can shoot lasers from eyes(not like every cat) 2 special abilities - available by collecting cat food 3 levels with bosses in end...
  2. Cantavanda


    The Funny Sentence Game™ is ga me where you post a FUNNY SENTENCE and after the page ends I say witsh is the Funiest I START "What did one penguing say until the other in the desert? My nose is hid! The other says: SEARCH IT!"
  3. D

    Deserters (cats, ww2, isometria, turn-based)

    Title: Deserters Genre: turn-based tactical RPG Engine: GMS 2 Platforms: Win, Mac Hi guys! We already make game about cats in WW2 setting for some time (but it is still early WIP) and at last decided to share our progress with you. Very briefly about the game: Single player, WW2 setting...
  4. I

    coins update

    I would like to create a coin generator the problem is I do not know how to increase the coin variable every second as I could achieve this goal
  5. S

    Space Cat Wizard: [Update 19: Save Slots]

    I am doing a game jam to enhance my platformer engine. The last 1 week game enhanced it a lot and at the end I have something quality. With this in mind I set an unachievable goal... MetroidVania in 7 days. I've made smaller MetroidVanias in the same amount of time, but that was with an artist...
  6. TrunX

    Demo Catboy

    About Catboy will be a fast paced action platformer that will mix elements from jump'n'shoot and beat'em up games and provide an optional co-op mode for local multiplayer. In addition to a lot of varying levels we also plan to integrate several bonus levels with an alternative game play e.g...
  7. A

    Free Shoot Cats for Science

    Hi all, This is a small arcade game I made in about 10 days with a friend. Link: *Warning: Highscores do not work for html5 version* Shoot Cats for Science is an arcade style shooter for up to two players local co-op. "Oh no, bouncy...