casual gaming

  1. B

    iOS Scrap the game, by Bart Massee HI All, Space debris shooter, and defense game, with particles flying around. The rocks and spaceship are modeled and rendered in 3d, and exported as png to sprites. Store Description Protect the space station...
  2. A

    iOS BLUK

    Hi everyone! I am soon releasing BLUK, a minimal iOS skill based physics platform game. It adopts the familiar and popular touch gameplay of 'touch, drag and release' and makes something with it. You create a partial trajectory and release to jump from Pillar to Pillar. The procedurally...
  3. kerryaislinn

    Windows Sugar Chef: Infinite Runner

    At my University, my organization's Game Jam was able to successfully complete all of the game assets in the time frame of one month. Because this jam was an extracurricular activity, it had to be temporarily put on hold as we approached finals week. Now that I have graduated, both I and one...