casual game

  1. nh-Pat

    Android Puff Puff Pass

    Hello Everyone! A few weeks ago i released Puff Puff Pass on Android. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the level while avoiding obstacles. This round, purple and farting creature is called a Puffer. It lives happily in deep caves, but has one problem: it is unable to stand its own...
  2. A

    Steam Fares

    Fares is a 2D side-scroller game. It's a classic platformer game made for children from 7 to 70. Help Fares to explore ancient worlds and locations to collect the forgotten treasures and artifacts. Fares is a young curious treasure hunter. He travels through many locations to discover and...
  3. yvodlyn

    Free Avoid

    Here a small game for the new year,Avoid. I made it because, we all avoid the last year for this year. In this game, you have to avoid enemies to survive. I hope you will enjoy! Happy New Year! I wish to everyone health, success, peace,love and MONEY See you next time! Play Store...
  4. F

    Android Scavenger Swap (A Match 3 Game available on Android with IOS coming soon!)

    Hello fellow GMS Forumers! I would like to introduce you the first upcoming release for Flappy Dappy Games, an addictive match 3 game called "Scavenger Swap" Scavenger Swap has a total of 4 areas each with 100 levels of varying difficulty. As of this writing the game is available for android...
  5. S

    Can you make a game similar to Spoon Pet Collector?

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the GameMaker community, I have a question which I couldn't find while browsing through the threads. Apologise if this question was already mentioned previously. What's Spoon Pet Collector? In short, the game is based on the idea of attracting pets to your home and...
  6. Dagoba

    Android Donuto Drag

    Do you think that your finger has good coordination and is fast enough to drag a Donuto over to the other side? If yes, then you should try out Donuto Drag from Google Play store! Download: About: Donuto Drag is a casual...
  7. M

    Android Long Air Jumper 2

    Long Air Jump Game Dis : Cute Air Run game , With only one touch you can play it , Cross as many as blocks you can Upgrade your skills ,, Finish missions in quest mode , Finish online achievements , Finish online quests , And try to Became number one around the world XD Game Features ...
  8. SeirLord Games

    Android Route Towards Disaster

    Route Towards Disaster is a free android game developed by SeirLord Games. It's a casual game which will take you through numerous levels that will take you to the limit.
  9. D

    Android Fast Bubble[Free]

    Hi everyone! my name is Daniel and im a young game developer,today im going to share my work with you,its about Fast Bubble a casual android game where you have to demostrate your habilities and reflexes,the game is for everyone who wants to spend a good time and compite with other people in the...
  10. jb skaggs

    Portfolio - General I can help out on small projects-gui, gml, inventory, design, dialog etc

    Hi Ive been using GM since ver 6 off and on (2004). Im an intermediate gml person with a smattering of python, basic, visual basic, and GAMBAS thrown in. Im not looking for full time work, I actually own a carpentry furniture making shop and I program for fun. Currently Im messing around...
  11. I

    Android Squid of Light

    Made with GameMaker! Squid of Light is a fun and casual little android game intended mainly for your every day recreational purposes. Something to relax with on daily basis. Player can choose one of many squids and embark upon an unique underwater adventure. Store Description: Squid of Light...
  12. Jezla

     Scratch Bros. Halloween Special

    Scratch Bros. by Jezla Direct Download (Windows) Scratch Cats is a Mario Bros.- type game I'm making for Halloween. Two black cats (Spooky and Scratchy) must fight off the undead hordes of an evil wizard. The game is single or local two-player co-op. I'm developing it for HTML5, but for...
  13. SeirLord Games

    Android The Ninth Memory

    This game offers capacity to improve your brain through different levels of difficulty of memorizing patterns. Bored of the default levels? Create up to 9 levels with 11 movements each and upload it! If u have friends playing this game you can download their levels by searching the map name...
  14. Adam Martinez

    Windows Grab & Grow ABC Garden

    First, I'd like to thank Shaun Spalding for his Game Maker tutorials, which got me started, and all the forum members who helped me when I was stuck (Thank you, Aura!). Also, two big thumbs up for Game Maker: Studio! I only wish I had found it sooner! Grab & Grow ABC Garden The game I'm...
  15. L

    HTML5 Memory

    You can play it here. This is a simple little card-matching memory game I put together. It's rather dull, but you might enjoy it if you like casual games. When the game starts, cards will begin appearing on the screen. Once all of the cards have been created, you can click on two cards to flip...
  16. Reventador

    iOS Save The Planet: minimal, calming and ruthless for iOS

    My long awaited iOS and Android game, Save The Planet has finally hit the stores. It's been under fire from the critics with some loving the minimal design, calming music and sound effects while others hating the casual progression. It's a score chaser, but it's chilled and it's hard, REALLY...