1. Yal

    Windows Daemon Detective Gaiden 2: The Soul of Art

    Daemon Detective Gaiden II A Mystery Unfolds When the latest exhibit of the New Magma City Art Museum has its grand opening, it doesn't take long until people are going missing. And new, undocumented paintings start showing up in the collection... so well made, it feels like you could get lost...
  2. B

    GML Blocks that keep horizontal jump momentum with castlevania-like jump?

    Hello, i'm quite new and started making my first project a few days ago. I'm making a Castlevania-like platformer where the jump's aircontrol is locked The problem is that in Castlevania, if you jump near a block, the player's momentum is kept and he'll just slide vertically until he reaches the...
  3. NimNom1234

    Castlevania style sprites

    Alright So I've been developing this Castlevania game but I kind of want to make it into my own title. I've been trying to learn pixel art but all the tutorials dont seem to get to the point. In short, I want to make some Castlevania style sprites. I can't find any tutorials about this sort of...
  4. NimNom1234

    Castlevania Fan Game

    Been working on the game for about 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone thinks this looks interesting :) This was after only one week of development, and I will be posting a video update every Saturday.
  5. Meowanator

    Alpha CastleMaker: Alpha 4.0

    Castlevania Maker is a level editor based on the NES title, Castlevania. DOWNLOAD: Features: - Many placeable blocks and decorations. - Improved physics from Castlevania, yet still based on the original. - 64 tile wide levels Version History: A 1.0...
  6. I

    How to make Symphony of The Night Inventory? and extra stuff

    Hey I've been searching for tutorials on how to make an inventory like Castlevania: Symphony of The Night and there is nothing. i'm working/planning on a Metroidvania game and im hoping to make a inventory like SoTN or at least Zelda 1 thanks in advance :) *Edit* after picturing what type of...
  7. S

    Legacy GM NPC following the Player

    How i can spawn Npc likes Player 2 with his respective collision, movement and not perfect coordination follow the player. Something like Castlevania Portrait of Ruin
  8. Imogia Games

    L O V O S - 2D Action Platformer

    Hi everyone! I have been so busy working on my games lately that I didn't took th etime to post on the brand new forums... Here I would like to introduce to you fellow companions, the next Game I'm working on, L O V O S. It is a basic action platformer with some classic gameplay. A playable...