1. tweakysloth

    Android Endless Jerry - An endless runner

    I'm happy to present Endless Jerry! It's an endless runner for Android OS with an online leaderboard and cartoon weirdos by ME! It's my first completed game project. The art was made with Moho Studio Pro 12. Music was recorded using Audacity. Please check it out at...
  2. Ehrgeiz

    HTML5 Box Kid Puzzles - a dynamic, top-down puzzle game.

    Box Kid Puzzles is a spin-off/alternate reality version of our PC game - Box Kid Adventures. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. You can play it for free at
  3. Preston

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] 2D Artist, Character, Environment, Animation

    Greetings! My name is Preston and I work as a 2D artist on contract for small indie projects. I am currently looking to add some additional small commissions to my workload. Check out my portfolio site below. I'm not at this time looking to work on any pixel art. Feel free to reach out to me...
  4. mbeytekin

    Cartoon Shader Idea?

    I am looking for a road map for making an image looks cartoon.. Example application is Comica for android... I've tried Line Integral Convolution method and can get some results but there is something extra for this images. Especially edges are very smooth and clear and sharp... Another...
  5. Mortalo

    Windows Box Kid Adventures

    Box Kid Adventures is a dynamic, top-down puzzle game. You play as Box Kid – a toy made of cardboard – going through various levels, full of nasty enemies and brain challenging puzzles. Website: STEAM:
  6. Munguía

    Windows Clock Worker Orange

    the most skillful citric has come back with a new shooter-style adventure. Again the ClockWorker Orange must charge one by one all the fruits over ten levels to get his money back, spend all the cash in the store of Mari Lemon Roe, improves your weapons, shields and other accessories You can...
  7. Munguía

    Released NICO

    Don´t be afraid of the dark, Follow the traditional and primitive sign trail of nico to perform his latest pieace of art on the cave. All graphics in GAME MAKER 8, GM studio version for HTML5 watch for the SIGN TRAILS at Keys: Arrows...
  8. M

    Art Style for Asset Package

    I'm creating some art as a demonstration for an inventory system asset I'm making for the marketplace: As you can see, I've already developed the items, interactive structures and characters, all using thin outlines inside a thicker outline. However, I am unsure about how I should continue...
  9. Nikky Oryzano

    Portfolio - Art Hi, I'am a 2D Graphic Design Artist (Cartoon) for hire ($14/hour)

    Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, available full time for freelance work. I also had experience on making my own games for 2 years. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos...
  10. MartinDubravicky

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] 2D Stylized/Cartoon Concept Artist

    Hello! My name is Martin Dubravicky and I'm a character concept artist (Toon & Stylized) with 2+ years of experience. I'm currently seeking new clients. Here are some examples of my work: You can find more on my website at If you're interested in hiring me or...
  11. D

    Android Master Mind || Feedback is most welcome

    Hello, I want to introduce you Master Mind, its Hardcore Memory Game, where you must find 2 same pieces of cards, but there are mods available, what makes game "little" more harder. for choose there are 2 main mods: -Moving lines (after you do NOT make good pair, whole line will...
  12. G

    Portfolio - General Game Artist (UI, Environment, FX)

    Hi there! I'm editing this post because it's outdated, and reopening. Examples of my full 3D renders are available here. Examples of my general (and more game-oriented) work is in an Imgur album here. I do animations as well as stills, but I don't do characters well. Environment/UI/special...
  13. P

    How to make a hyperlight drifter like cutscene?

    so i am an animator and im working on a small project. ive had this idea of a while where, in 2d games, instead of a cutscene being ingame sprites moving on their own, what if it was whole new 8 bit sprites moving and animating like a cartoon (with much less frames than an animation of course.)...
  14. FredFredrickson

    Windows Fatty Rabbit Hole - A cartoon arcade game where you eat all the junk food!

    Fatty Rabbit Hole is a game that I'm working on - where you play as a rabbit, falling down an endless hole, eating as much junk food as you can. DEMO: You can play the game in HTML5 form here: It's not the full version of the game, but it's playable from start to finish, and...