1. F

    Anyone have a side-on 2d platformer Car Example (for GM8.0 or pre)

    Does anyone please have a side-on (platformer) example which uses a car? .gmk or .gm6 for Game Maker 8.0 or before. Thanks.
  2. ShadowLenz

    Windows Sound doesn't play in the moment that it needs [Solved by myself, dont worry ouo]

    Quick perspective: have a street, in there 3 cars appears, each car have a timeline sequence that i prepared. first i did the sound and the vertical speed (-30) into the same time moment, and did not work, the first time it sounds at the time specifed, but at the moment to repite the secuence...
  3. R

    Game Mechanics Car game mechanics

    Hi, I am currently learning GMS2 and trying to get more into it. For to me learn things i am making drag racing game which is 2D and from top view. So basically button for gas and buttons to up and down shifting. Before i start to play with tire size, gear ratio speed calc, etc. i want to know...
  4. S

    Top Down Car Collision help!

    Hi there! i just joined the forum cause ive been wrecking my head over this. So i'm making a top down Car Combat game similar to Twisted Metal on PS1 or the battle mode of Super Mario Kart. I made a 2D top down lil engine that so far only has rotation and drifitng i learned here in the forums...
  5. NeZvers

    GML Rotation collision (example: top-down car)

    GM Version: Should be universal Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A (all needed code is there) Difficulty: Intermediate Last Edited: 2018.08.10 Short version: Rotation after dealing with movement collision. Classic while loop checking but this time rotate image_angle to previous position...
  6. S

    Android Crash Hour

    Hi, this is my first game that I published in last October. Game is completely free and ad-free, I made it mostly to gain some experience. I hope you will enjoy it! If you have any feedback, I'm all ears. Google Play Store...
  7. B

    GMS 2 I'm making a car game, and want to know how to manipulate car collision with another car

    I want an AI car or the player's car to go out of the track when a car collides against it. Also, if it's an AI car leaving the track, I want it to go back on the track.
  8. D

    GMS 2 Use a Car

    Hello all! I'm trying to make a game where I can use a car. I tried to use this tutorial: But it doesnt seems to work in GMS 2 since I did exactly what he said. When I press Spacebar, My character is teleported under the car, then I can still controle him and not the car. Is this tutorial any...
  9. acidemic

    Alpha Ivan Race - 2D Physics Rally Game

    I am currently working on the 2D racing game with the working title "Ivan Race". I started this project in GMS 1.4 and after some while moved it to GMS2. I love the new cameras system introduced in GMS2 although I am not fond of it's overloaded, heavy interface. All game levels will be...
  10. S

    How to avoid more than one selection of an object in a room?

    I am making a car puzzle game.. Info: Users must select a car(by pressing left button of a mouse)..if the car that got select..when user press left or right car move left/right by 32 px..User can select only one car at a time..if the there is one car selected..if user try to select other car...
  11. A

    Mac OSX Drift Racing Physics

    Hey guys, i need help! ;) First of all sorry for my english! I'm Italian I'm trying to create a racing game on my Game Maker Studio 2 (I have an Imac) and I found a really good tutorial by rm2kdev but I have some problems because he works with the gamepad codes! Can you help me to...
  12. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Collision Checking With Direction

    Hello everyone, this may be much easier then I'm making it, but I can't figure it out and I'm sure you guys can :) I am creating a car in my game using the built-in direction and speed variables; the problem is that I don't know how to do collision checking. this is my code: (the bottom is the...
  13. V

    Constant collision checking with appropriate responses

    Hey guys i need help to create a program that will constantly check for collisions in front of it and auto correct it's course to fit it. It will maneuver around a parking lot looking room. With parking spots and everything. The entire program will be autonomous with no actual human...
  14. Dijkstra

    Question about animation...

    Hello everybody! I'm trying to make a racing game in GM: Studio... I use pseudo - 3D method (car consists of several layers, lined up in y-axis, something like that):confused:. For this, I use script - draw3d: ////at future i'll use 'for' loops for that sprite_amount = argument4 if...
  15. T

    Legacy GM 2.5D Top Down vehicle collision issue

    I just started making a GTA-styled game - open-world, drivable vehicles etc. But I've ran into an issue. I don't know how to make collision system for vehicles. As the sprite is changing when the car turns the collision mask should change too but it makes the car get stuck in the walls etc...
  16. Misty

    Gm Bullet in GM

    Has anyone gotten the raycast car to work in GM BULLET in GM?
  17. thom

    Free Car Soccer 2D [Android & iOS]

    Car Soccer 2D is a top down car football game with HD graphics and fun gameplay. Take part in 20 different tournaments featuring grass, ice, beach and street stadiums. Play with different balls, from a soccer ball to a hockey pug, tennis, beach, golf and bowling balls. App Store (iOS)...
  18. Yambam

    Cars on Planets Engine (Gravity)

    Cars on Planets Engine Maybe someone wants to make a game out of this. Or else it would make a good learning resource! :) GM Version: Game Maker 8.0 (and maybe GM:Studio?) MOD EDIT: It is not compatible with Studio. Target Platform: All Download...