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  1. O

    HTML5 HTML5 mouse coordinates are offset when browser is scrolled.

    Hi, I am having issues with an HTML5 game. The game is 800x600 and is centered in the browser window. Even though the canvas is completely within the visible region of the browser page the browser still adds scrollbars. If these move at all then the mouse coordinates in the canvas will be...
  2. appymedia

    HTML5 Scaling mouse coords when scaling HTML5 canvas

    Hi All, I have a little problem I'm trying to solve with HTML5. I have a prototype game where the player's x axis is simply set to the location of the x axis of the mouse as follows in a step event: x = mouse_x; That all works fine on both desktop and HTML5 until I scale my game. I'm using...
  3. T

    HTML5 after window_set_size mouse position is incorrect

    Hi, I updated my project from GMS 1 to GMS 2 and after I got everything else in order and game sort of runs as it should but I'm having this scaling issue. When a browser window is smaller than the game needs the game will shrink but remains the aspect ratio. This is done by window_set_size...
  4. Filipp_BSG

    HTML5 Crispy canvas in WebKit-based browsers

    *posting it into GMS2 subforum, but it occurs in GMS1 too* When exporting to HTML5 and scaling the canvas (for example, as shown in YYG tutorial), it looks pixelated on mobiles even with interpolation turned on. Although, you can remove the following line from index.html: <meta name ="viewport"...
  5. Uhfgood

    HTML5 Need help detecting when the mouse leaves the canvas area

    This is probably the last post I'll do in the subject. I figure the only reason I haven't been responded to before is because I'm not defining the problem well enough or I'm not clear enough. So basically in my breakout clone I'm making the player drag the paddle left or right like a scroll...
  6. K

    sprite_replace with base64 or blob instead of url

    Hi there, i'm trying to replace an existing sprite with images that don't have power-of-two sizes, so i built an extension that creates a "pot" canvas, adds the image to it and returns a blob url. Unfortunately blob urls doesn't seem to work with sprite_replace?! Second idea of mine was to use...
  7. A

    Demo amariah demo

    amariah's homepage is http://www.amariah.net amariah is a graphic design application developed with Game Maker Studio. Create what you imagine with amariah! I've already made games in Unity using amariah to create graphics for the games. You can download them here. amariah demo is limited but...
  8. ZeDuval

    HTML5 All Your Canvas Are Belong To Us - The HTML5 Module

    Hello everyone! The HML5 Module is beyond awesome! Learn why, just continue reading… This thread shall be a meeting place for all users of the HTML5-module - and of course for everyone else, who's interested! I would like to see this as a possibility to have some great discussions, have a...