1. NeZvers

    Legacy GM Disabling fullscreen and resizing window = white screen

    I made my camera object based on Pixelated Pope system and I made it so when max resize is set it switches fullscreen on and next resize is smallest again with disabled fullscreen and that's creating white screen for 1-2 seconds. P.s. maybe someone can explain bonus question - why need empty...
  2. N

    GMS 2 GameMaker Studio 2 Camera's showing outside of the room.

    Quick question, may be quick answer. My camera is showing me the outside part of the room, how do I set the camera to not view outside the room?
  3. N

    GMS 2 Restart button relative to view.

    Hi, I've tried to make a restart button and make it like 8 pixels from the top of the view and 8 pixels from the left of the view. So this was my try: /// obButtonRestart :: Step Event :: Positioning part. if (instance_exists(obCamera)) { // If there is a camera, x =...
  4. R

    GML Create Camera in different rooms ?

    Hey Everyone, Right now i got an extra code for each room that manages the and stuff. Now im Working on ONE Code that manages all of that. Using a For loop to calculate the ideal with.. and adjust it before i enter a room Probably when im in room 2 adjusting room 1 and 3 (...
  5. V

    GMS 2 Help with simple 2d camera rotation

    I’m building a game where the player should be able to rotate the camera and the gravity will shift to the new orientation. But I’m having some problems with my rotated camera. My room has a viewport of 320x240 px (20x15 tiles) Viewports are enabled. My camera object in the room is setup like...
  6. P

    GMS 2 Camera Glitches

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong spot... But anyways – I'm trying to make an RPG game with a scrolling camera that moves with the player. I'm using the built in camera for Game Maker 2. So whenever the camera moves there are glitchy lines of pixels that are lagging behind. The size of the...
  7. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM Camera moves in a low resolution causes "laggy" screen

    Hey, I just made a dependent camera that moves according to the player's move in a flat 2D platform -right and left- with this code Begin Step of the Camera x = oKing.x+camOffsetCounter; y = oKing.y if ( (keyboard_check(ord("A"))) && (camOffsetCounter > -30) ) { if (camOffsetCounter > 0)...
  8. K

    Lerping the camera

    Hey guys, So when rotating the camera in my game 90 degrees im coming across a problem with going from 270 - 360. because it treats the camera angle as 0, not 360, it causes the camera angle to whip around in the opposite direction. here's my step code for setting it. if global.grav = 1 {...
  9. Xalezar

    GML Automatically set camera and viewport properties through code?

    I have a game in which all the rooms will be the same size (playable levels, start screen, menus, etc.). Currently, I'm manually entering values in the map editor for the X Pos, Y Pos, Width, Height, etc. for each room. But I'm wondering if I can leave those input fields alone, and just set the...
  10. K

    Setting up the Camera Issues

    Hey Guys, Im having some issues setting up a rotating camera. right now My code for the camera is view_camera[0] = camera_create_view(0,0,1024,768,0,noone,-1,-1,-1,-1); view_visible[0] = true; view_visible[1] = false; view_visible[2] = false; view_visible[3] = false; view_visible[4] = false...
  11. K

    Camera angles?

    Hey! So in my current project I'm working on Ibe got it so when you press a button you can change the direction of gravity 90 degrees. I want to be able to rotate the camera with it, I've been trying to get the camera angle to change but for some reason nothing changes. I have a camera object...
  12. A

    GMS 2 Is this a bug with cameras/views or am I just dumb?

    Here's a gif of my problem, it was too big to attach to this post: Ok, so I'm using gamemaker studio 2 here. The coordinates in the top left are the coordinates of the mouse in the room and the X that appears is whether or not the mouse is colliding with the...
  13. BlueHarrier

    GMS 2 Issue with the camera angle and surfaces [SOLVED]

    I've recently beeing working on a game that requieres the camera rotation (camera_set_view_angle(Camera, Angle)) and also works with surfaces. The problem I have is that the surface isn't drawing correctly when the camera is rotated. As I could observe, the surface rotates in the opposite...
  14. D

    GMS 2 Hands-Off Camera System

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial focuses on a hands off approach to cameras for setting up your views and port. It includes a script for making this nice and easy. Tutorial: Easy? Hard? Useful? Not? Let me know!
  15. B

    GMS 2 Changing viewport when switching rooms

    I'm trying to get my viewport dimensions to change when I go from one room to another, but I can't seem to make it work. In the creation code of the room I want to change the viewport dimensions of, I have view_wport[0] = 480; view_hport[0] = 854; camera_set_view_size(view_camera[0]...
  16. GDK

    GMS 2 Draw GUI - not working properly?

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with aligning the GUI to where I want it. I think I know what might be the issue but I'll lay it out here and see what you guys think. So keeping in mind I want a very centralised layout of the GUI: How I've currently tried to achieve a centralised layout...
  17. D

    How to make a camera that follows 2 players?

    Hi! I want to make a camera that follows 2 players and would zoom in or out when the players walk away from each other, but I don't really know how to do that. If someone knows how to do that please help.
  18. C

    HTML5 HTML5 Scaling and mouse position issue

    Goal achieve full scale in HTML5: When I go to resize/stretch my game inside HTML5 the GUI looks how it is suppose to, but the normal draw events are not resizing/stretching and the x and y coordinates are off. How can we get GMS2 > HTML5 game to go full scale and have events like Mouse "Left...
  19. H

    GML Misunderstanding or bug with camera update script?

    I haven't really messed with with cameras a ton but I may have come across a bug with camera_set_view_pos inside the camera update script. I've tested this and the debug message shows that the camera view position is updating. But the view itself doesn't actually move. When I comment out...
  20. Eliran Vegh

    GMS 2 Camera get view x get view height dont work...

    Hi, I am using the camera system in GM2, and I am trying to get the view proprieties however they all return 0... ch = camera_get_view_height(camera) cw = camera_get_view_width(camera) xc = camera_get_view_x(camera); yc = camera_get_view_y(camera) show_debug_message(string(cw) + " " +...