1. AiNaKa

    Legacy GM Struggling with camera object and views

    So I wanted to try and make the view move dynamically between "subrooms". I created this system for subrooms, where when a player collides with a specific object, it will define the subroom, and a seperate object will define the dimensions of said subroom within the room. The camera object is...
  2. matharoo

    GMS 2 Smooth Camera + Pan/Zoom [YouTube]

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: Links: Below Summary: A tutorial that covers creating a smooth camera and implementing panning and zooming. I mainly made this tutorial to let people know that they don't have to use...
  3. M

    2.5D FPS game enemies facing multiple directions

    What would be the easiest way to make enemies in a 2.5D FPS game facing multiple directions? I'm thinking like Doom or Wolfenstein, or any 2.5D game really, where the enemies have different sprites for like 8 directions and they keep changing depending on what angle the player character sees...
  4. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Project (All-in-One) GMS2 Camera with Screenshake, follow, screen-effects, and more

    This thread will serve as documentation for those who've purchased the asset Check out the main page on Importing into your project First thing's first. How does everything work? Where do I start? How do I avoid breaking everything? Controls Explaining the code There are...
  5. S

    Switchting viewport messus up mouse cordinate in html5

    Hey I made an option to switch the viewport: the viewports are exactly the same with the difference, that the border is bigger/smaller my code I used for switching the viewport is this : if global.locked_cam = 1{ view_visible[0] = false; view_visible[1] = true; } if global.locked_cam = 0{...
  6. Tommah

    Asset - Scripts Simple Cutscene Asset

    I released a series of scripts to the Marketplace that allows you to use popular cutscene effects very easily and is very customizable to your game. All you really need is 3 scripts to activate the cutscenes (Create Event, Step Event, Draw GUI Event). Then whatever you want the cutscene to do...
  7. I

    Object not showing in Camera View! ( GMS2)

    Hello developers, I seem to have a problem with a camera object of mine, my game is a 2D game that has a 3D perspective, the thing is I have a main camera that shows the screen and stuff and it works perfectly fine, I decided to add another camera that focuses on the "player object" and...
  8. B

    Cameras and files question

    EDIT: Putting this at top because its now the main question but i am still not sure whats with the playerachievementcache.dat file in the programs files i think i probably posted this in the wrong area before so i'll repost it here: ok so i have a script that will either create a new game and...
  9. C

    GMS 2 Issues with View System Compatibility With Regards to HeartBeast's Turn-Based RPG Course

    I'm taking HeartBeast's Turn-Based RPG course and I've been having a bit of trouble with converting it to GMS2 in regards to the new view system. Here are the compile errors I got: Script: view_approach at line 14: unexpected symbol "=" in expression Script: view_approach at line 14: malformed...
  10. R

    Discussion What Does Viewpoint Properties in Room Settings Do?

    Hi, new to GameMaker (v2). When setting up the Camera Properties in my Room Settings, I also notice something called Viewpoint Properties... I can't seem to find much info on this. What does this do, and does it need to be the same size as the Camera Properties?
  11. P

    GMS 2 Me and my hopeless Camera System

    So... I seriously, desperately need help with this thing. I wanted to try and figure this out on my own, to not have to bother you all about it... to no avail. It's been weeks since I tried to implement this stupid thing, and I still can't figure it out. So... nya. What I'm trying to do: I am...
  12. PartTimeCrazy

    GMS 2 How to make this camera code work for iPad?

    So i've used the camera tutorial that is part of gamemaker and I *think* I understand it but i may be missing something. This is the code I have set up: theWidth = 812; theHeight = 375; view_enabled = true; view_visible[0] = true; view_xport[0] = 0; view_yport[0] = 0; view_wport[0] =...
  13. P

    Windows Creating a camera to the following specifications...

    Hello! The issue I bring you today is one that's been stumping me for weeks, so I thought I'd bring it to some individuals who perhaps know a bit more than I do. I'm trying to make a camera for my game that functions in an... unorthodox way. At its core, it's simple: it follows the player...
  14. S

    Legacy GM [Solved] make camera fake being at edge of screen

    I want the camera to follow the player but not show empty parts of the room. For example in some Mega Man games the camera will follow the player as though their about to fall down a pit at the bottom of the screen until they get close enough then the camera will follow them down the pit to a...
  15. SamuelF

    Legacy GM Strive toward the perfect camera code

    I am making a camera code. It looks like this: var length = point_distance(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, mouse_x, mouse_y) /2; var dir = point_direction(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, mouse_x, mouse_y); view_xview[0] = lengthdir_x(length, dir) - 960; view_yview[0] = lengthdir_y(length, dir) - 540...
  16. E

    Android Android extension exception3 exception:null

    I have encountered a major difficulty when developing a native camera extension for Android. Here's a link to what I could come up with, pretty much copy and paste from stackoverflow but using GM's RunnerActivity and async events.
  17. Pixelated_Pope

    GMS 2 GMS2 Cameras: As simple as possible

    GM Version: GMS2! Target Platform: All Download: see video Summary: A quick video that shows you how to get cameras working in GMS2 with as little effort as possible. Tutorial: Here's a link to the resolution series I mention in the video.
  18. G

    Camera Object Won't Read Variables (SOLVED)

    (TL;DR version - I'm having trouble with the codes shown in the image. The game acts like the "view_w_half" and "view_h_half" variables don't exist on the step event page, and only uses the data they stand for if I put the data itself into that place)...
  19. Mythi.T

    GMS 2 Window size changing

    I want to have my game go from full screen to not full-screen and keep the resolution and pixel perfect stuff the same My idea was: When the window goes to fullscreen, the viewport would also be set to the size of the window, and the camera of that viewport would be set the the size of the...
  20. qbot21

    GMS 2 How to display objects in certain viewports/cameras?

    Hello everyone :) I'm fairly new to the GM2 camera system. Im working on a small prototype of pc board game. The main idea for UI contains fullscreen, scrollable map (done) and player cards shown on top of the map and 'moving' with view when player navigates the map. Here's the problem. For...