1. E

    Camera view size using projection matrix

    What I'm doing: I'm trying to allow a top-down camera to zoom in or out. I've created a custom struct that lets me set camera "modes" that will make it behave certain ways when performing different character actions, but this shouldn't matter. I know that the camera view matrix determines where...
  2. S

    Legacy GM 3D Camera Auto Pitch

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of solving this. I'm currently developing a 3D game, and I'm wanting the camera to always be on the player. I have it rotating around the player object perfectly and there's no issue with it so long as the character and camera...
  3. FatDazz

    Applying a shader to a camera and camera_set_end_script does not work.

    Hello, I would like to apply a shader on the view of a camera. My ideas for coding it, are as follow. For implied cameras I add a scripts to them at the beginning of the view and another at the end of the view. in the create Obj_Cameras: in the script script_begin: in the script...
  4. Megamini009

    SOLVED HTML5 (camera_get_view_x) returns 0.

    Hey, I was just trying out a parralax background using lerp, which worked pretty well in the regular desktop test mode. So i tried it in HTML5 and it didnt move at all.. after checking the variables, I found that camera_get_view_x was returning "0" at all times in HTML5... strange. I used a...
  5. master2015hp

    SOLVED GUI isn't drawed correctly

    Hi, i have my room at size of 1280 x 720. I setup some objects at the bottom left of the view. They're drawn all via drawGUI event. However when i run this app on my android phone, which has resolution of 854x480, all of those objects are displayed off screen. How can i make sure they always...
  6. K

    GMS2 auto scaling and where to find it

    Hi all, I notice GMS2 auto scale up my game to fit the display. My game is designed in 360x640 but then it displayed as 720x1280 on a display. May I know where to find the setting and set it to follow the code precisely?
  7. B

    Rotating a camera around a sphere

    Hey all. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm trying to do this currently and having limited success. Has anyone been able to successfully achieve being able to do this properly? Thanks a lot! Martin.
  8. YellowAfterlife

    GML Smooth camera movement in pixel-perfect games

    GM Version: GMS1, GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: Links: Summary: This is a mini-tutorial and an explanation of an approach that allows you to have fluid sub-pixel movements...
  9. B

    Using Cameras with Surfaces / Drawing a tilted surface

    Hi all. Does anyone know if it is possible to apply a camera to a particular surface only? My actual objective is to draw a surface tilted on it's x axis to make it look 3D and give it a sense of perspective. The attached image shows an example of the sort of thing I'm trying to achieve, with...
  10. ShadowLenz

    GMS 2 Room Views Help!

    Hello!~ and thanks from now on for helping me with this issue. Has anyone have a video tutorial or knows one where the use of views and his scripts are showned with more detail?
  11. D

    GMS 2 Shaking and tearing objects when view moves too fast

    Hello. I'm working on a space themed game where the camera follows the player but the obj_player goes at such fast speeds that the interface UI windows (which can be dragged and moved with the mouse) that follow the camera view start to shake when when I click and drag them across the screen...
  12. danimations

    How to create a camera that zooms & pans to follow 3 co-op characters?

    Hi all. I'm working on a top-down 3P co-op prototype in GMS2, and want the camera to: 1) automatically zoom in/out and pan with the 3 characters 2) keep all three characters on screen at all times I set up an invisible object at the mid-point (x coord) of the three players, and am tracking...
  13. RizbIT

    Using gallery picker and camera photo extension on android 10

    im using one of the camera/gallery android extension from the marketplace in my project it works fine on older android phones on android 10 phone it does not work. Im targetting api 29 now i found way to make it work, issue is with access to storage on android 10 in gms android options >...
  14. Lucas C

    GMS 2.3+ Introducing Xtend - The Setupless, Simplest, most Flexible, most Pixel-Perfect Display Scaler!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I last posed around the GMC, but I'm so excited about my latest Marketplace asset I just had to share it with you all. This one has a long history for me, going all the way back to my very first Marketplace asset, originally released in 2014. I created it...
  15. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED [DISCUSSION] I need opinions (and help) regarding building an interface (views, surfaces, cameras, Draw GUI...)

    Hello ! Look at this interface image: This is an interface. I want to use the DRAW GUI event to draw ALL the interface of the program I'm doing (everything inside it...), however, I need to draw the camera view in this middle area (where is the rabbit). The questions: 1 - How would I do...
  16. André Luiz

    GMS 2 help!

    I want to make the character's life bar follow the camera, but I can't do that, so i need your help to send me some toturial or write some code that helps me. here's my camera code: { #region Movimentação da câmera halfViewwidth = camera_get_view_width(view_camera[0]) / 2; halfviewHeight =...
  17. André Luiz

    SOLVED Help with camera!

    Hi, I'm Brazilian so I apologize for any English mistakes, okay let's start, I was playing with the game maker studio 2 and there came a time when I had to make a camera for my character, but I couldn't, I saw several codes and videos and I got this flawed result: #region Camera halfViewwidth...
  18. Claspo Jones

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 Sprites Not Drawing

    Whenever I run my game none of the sprites or text draws, at first I thought the camera wasn't in the current room, so I used camera_get_view() and show_debug_message() to check, and it told me the camera was in the middle of the room. I tried adding draw_self() to my player object, but still no...
  19. K

    SOLVED Rooms within Rooms and Camera View Constraints

    Hello, Basically I'm trying to accomplish something like how Metroid or Super Metroid handles its "camera" and room transitions. What I want to do is draw various rooms using tiles within one GM Room asset, and the reason I want to do this is that more objects than just the player will be...
  20. Telorr

    SOLVED Creating object that zoom automatically when created

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie here, so I need your help I want to make object that when I created it (call it oZoomIn and oZoomOut), it will zoom in automatically (oZoomIn) and zoom out automatically (oZoomOut). I don't have any idea to do it, because I don't understand about camera zooming yet. My...