1. Freddie The Potato

    3D Camera is being drawn to surface upside down

    I've created 2 cameras. global.mainCamera = cameraCreate(); global.utilityCamera = cameraCreate(); A cameraController object updates mainCamera's view and projection matrices every frame based on its position and rotation. I can draw the scene onto a surface like so...
  2. Tyler Ryals

    GML Fixed FPS Camera issue

    In my player object I have a camera example I followed in this tutorial, but it arch's just right for the camera to be more "first person" like. While this is fine in most cases, I really want to get my Camera to remain inside a fixed set of boundaries (like stopping on walls and such so there's...
  3. Ruimm

    Asset - Graphics Easy Cam - Free, simple to use camera

    Hi, I just published a simple Camera asset on the marketplace. It allows you to easily create Cameras and it features: - Camera rotation - Camera Zoom - Camera Position - Screen Shake - Fixed camera size (independent of screen resolution) Here's a video of the example that comes with the...
  4. P

    View/camera preceding player

    I’ve been following Shaun’s tutorials and have my camera following behind the players character sprite. How would I change that code to get the camera to be x pixels in front of the player sprite? I’d like to make the camera be 10 pixels in front when the character walks and 25 when they run...
  5. E

    Camera problems...

    Does anybody know how to fix a camera in gamemaker studio 2 ?
  6. TheMegax

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] View Port stuck

    I have a code that changes the camera view so it's able to see the whole room, but it seems that the port is perpetually stuck at width 1280 and height 720. Those numbers don't even show up anywhere in my code. Am I missing something here? oCamera Create /// @description Set Camera zoom_level =...
  7. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Getting the Ratio Right

    I'm trying to find a resolution that is in between 320x180 and 640x360. That can scale to 1280x720p and 1920x1080p. For the type of game I'm making the 320x180 is too "close" or "zoomed in" and the 640x360 is too "far." For the time being I found that 426x240 actually looks like it work, but...
  8. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Camera moved by pushing the screen's edge with mouse

    There are many great tutorials for an easy camera setup (for example: ), but in these the camera follows either the obj_player or the mouse, while I need a mostly static view that is only move if the mouse is at or near one of the screen edges or a WASD buttons pressed (like in most top-down...
  9. G

    GMS 2 Camera system - if this helps

    Hello all, I am just sharing here a very basic camera 'system'. Nothing innovative, nor elegant, nor fancy... but it works. It follows the player and can zoom / shake / clamp to an area (boss fight) / focus on a specific location. This GMS I post it here, just in case it can help some...
  10. Hax4Ever

    GML Centering a room in a view larger than the room? [SOLVED]

    Yes I'm aware that it's not the best thing to have a view larger than a room, I've given my game a dynamic aspect ratio horizontally as means of better displaying the art created for it without distortion. It works properly so long as the room's width is equal to or greater than the width of...
  11. Yizzard

    GMS 2 How to stop the camera from following an object

    So my camera is set to follow the player object using the room properties object following system. (The bottom left corner of the IDE under viewports and cameras then under viewport 0 the Object Following object is set to obj_Player). I have a pause menu where it deactivates everything then...
  12. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 camera view in new rooms?

    I have a game with a limited camera view that tracks only the player. What do I have to program if I want to enter a new room and the camera should follow now follow the player in the next room along?
  13. mar_cuz

    Design What Games Use This Projection

    Hi guys, What other games use this type of projection? I know earthbound, divine divinity and even the cool looking sock sock goes pop pop on this forum use this angle. Also, some platformers also use this style though I am looking for top down rpg style games that use it. Thanks
  14. D

    GMS 2 Yet another camera problem

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my camera. I created the "between player and cursor" object, using "mean()" function: Step Event (object between player and cursor): meanX = mean(PLAYEROBJ.x, mouse_x) meanY = mean(PLAYEROBJ.y, mouse_y) x = meanX y = meanY Ok? So, the problem is speed of the...
  15. The_Scientist___

    GMS 2 Cameras not Working with Multiple Layers

    I'm not sure if I'm being a complete idiot, but I'm still learning the new cameras system. I've created a room and the camera works fine, doing everything I want it to, but then I add a new layer to the room and then I can't see any objects. I know they exist, since I can see them drawing...
  16. C

    drawing objects on Camer X & Y after settings it from matrix_build_lookat

    hi guys, Im stuck! I have been doing some practice work and following some tutorials for smooth camera flow when following the player, However now I am trying to implement an inventory to the game. the problem I am running into is that by having a camera object that sets matrix_build_lookat and...
  17. Gunnar the Clovis

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] camera_set_view_pos Silently Freezes on HTML5 Target

    Hello, Whenever I run the function camera_set_view_pos on the HTML5 target, the game image silently freezes (meaning no errors are given). The game is still running as inputs are read and sounds can be played when inputs are made, the game can be restarted, but the image is completely frozen...
  18. T


    Any time I use view_camera[0] in HTML5 the game freezes. Is there another way I can manipulate cameras without assigning a camera? Can I manipulate the default camera at all without assigning viewports?
  19. E

    Blurry sprite movement

    I know this question has been asked many times, but I'm having great difficulty moving forward with my game. It seems that no matter what I try I can't remove blurring when my sprites move. I recently started a completely new game for testing with just one 32x32 sprite and simple code to move...
  20. I

    Android [SOLVED] Camera screwing up graphic

    Hello everyone, I'm so sick of this problem and 'Ive been trying to solve it for such a long time, that I've decided to look for help somewhere else. I'm talking about cameras. In all of my games I have one big problem with cameras. And that is smooth camera movement to player. I have this...