1. Yellowhite

    How do if camera move is more than 0

    I wanna know a specific code to my code, but for that i need know if the speed of CAMERA VIEW is moving or no. Like if view_is_moving {//CODE} else {//STOP CODE} or something like if view_speed >= 1 {//CODE} if view_speed <= 0 {// STOP CODE} but, something functional like that, i will love...
  2. kaminoko

    Job Offer - Programmer (Hiring) 3D FPS camera programmer needed for Android project.

    Looking for: GML programmer with experience in 3D first person games or just 3D cameras in general. Project: Working on a 3D VR GameMaker game using SMF and Colmesh, it's more so a proof of concept for making sitting VR games in GMS2. The camera is locked to the Phone's rotation and returns...
  3. M

    SOLVED Parallax Scrolling ... but with Instances

    Is it possible to create a parallax scrolling effect with an Instance Layer? It works fine with Background & Tile layers, but the Instance layers do not want to attach to my camera. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. C

    Drag And Drop Game doesn't run on the correct size

    Hi! I'm using GM for a college project and things are going nicely as I'm using DnD and it's a simple project. However, when I run it, the window size is not 1920x1080, as I set it - it's a lot smaller. It's strange bc I changed it previously and it worked, but now I'm stuck. There are no...
  5. HuntExe

    GMS 2.3+ How do I zoom the camera to keep both players in frame?

    I'm working on a local multiplayer game, and I already coded the camera to stay in between both my players, but how would I zoom the camera in and out to keep both players in the view, like Super Smash Bros? //Create Code: cam = view_camera[0]; view_w_half = camera_get_view_width(cam) * 0.5...
  6. L

    GML [SOLVED] Issue with Camera

    Hello! I tried making my camera Zoom Out by following a tutorial and editing the code myself later, which works flawlessly. But, for some reason, I can't make it stop after an alarm takes off, is there anything I'm doing wrong? Would appreciate help since im still pretty new to this xD Create...
  7. R

    Windows Camera resolution adapt problem

    I need to put a camera in the game with ideal resolution size. The best tutorial of internet has no dropbox files and i need some help! Need more tutorial of Game Maker with ideal resolution size adapt. Compile Errors Object: Obj_camera Event: End Step at line 1 : "view" and "view" are part...
  8. R

    [ SORTED OUT]font in different screen size

    hello guys, well I have a problem and a doubt at the same time. I'm creating a menu system that works great, but I'm having to deal with font and room changes. The camera resolution is much higher in the menu room than in the phase room for example (where the game basically rolls): as you can...
  9. NovemberTender

    GMS 2.3+ Making a camera show the contents of another room?

    currently im making an interactable menu with simple objects and such, im not drawing a menu, im simply making another camera visible in another place and make it act as a "ingame menu". So my question is how can i make the camera be in the room the player is in, but show the contents of a...
  10. john2342152

    what would be the right way to create a "room"

    I wanted to make a 2D platform game, but I still don't know the proportions, the screen and room size and the camera, how do I do these things professionally so as not to interfere in the future?
  11. N

    SOLVED Trying to "Stop" a Camera From Going to Certain Parts of a Room

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a 2D game with a smooth moving camera that follows the player. The camera itself works fine and using clamp() I've managed to keep it only moving within the confines of the room it's placed in. I want to be able to control where the camera goes more precisely...
  12. D

    SOLVED Camera center code is making sprite displace when it moves

    Hello, i've been noticing that my sprite gets displaced to whenever direction i add speed and it gets worse the higher the speed. Then i've made a test removing my center camera code and it seems that for some reason the problem happens when the camera is centered on my player. This is my code...
  13. T

    SOLVED Sprites/Textures Seem to Shiver Depending on Camera Position [Help needed]

    So I seem to be having some problems with sprite/texture rendering when I zoom the camera, or sometimes when the camera simply moves. I took this video so you can see what I mean. I have ticked the tile horizontally/vertically on the sprites but it hasn't really seemed to help. Any advice on how...
  14. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [CAMERA] xCamera is a task based camera asset (FREE)

    [LINKS] xCamera (marketplace) xCamera ( [DEMO GIF] [INFORMATION] This is a task based & modular 2D Camera controlling asset pack for GMS2.3+. [SETUP] In order to use the camera system first you need to setup the view/camera as normal in the IDE using the room settings (or through...
  15. blexc

    GMS 2.3+ Accessing Path Based-off Path Layer's Name

    Hi, I have a path layer called "CameraPath". For each level of my game, there is a unique path that the camera will take to introduce the level. Here's a screenshot demonstrating this: Given that the paths are different for each level but the path layer's name is the same, it would be really...
  16. M

    Camera jitter and shake when player moves diagonally.

    Hello, I have camera following the player and when player moves diagonally everything in games starts to jitter and shake. --Player code :-- keyLeft = keyboard_check(ord("A")); keyRight = keyboard_check(ord("D")); keyUp = keyboard_check(ord("W")); keyDown= keyboard_check(ord("S")); hspd =...
  17. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Help with camera views GMS 1.4

    Using GameMakerStudio 1.4 Hey! Currently making a 2D side scroller and I'm having a little bit of trouble with the camera. I'm using a custom camera that I followed from a tutorial. It's supposed to make it smooth and things like that. Here's the tutorial if anyone wants it. Anyways here's my...
  18. 3

    SOLVED how to get view xport and y when using camera_create

    I followed the camera tutorial by Shaun Spalding oCamera create event camera = camera_create(); var vm = matrix_build_lookat(x,y,-100,x,y,0,0,1,0); var pm = matrix_build_projection_ortho(1366,768,2,-1000); camera_set_view_mat(camera, vm); camera_set_proj_mat(camera, pm); view_camera[0] =...
  19. S

    Navigating fixed gui menu while also moving camera around

    I'm trying to build a real time strategy game that involves the user clicking on a lot of menus while moving the camera around a map. It's all 2D, so the camera doesn't tilt, but it does zoom in and out to see the world better. I'm drawing a lot of menus with the Draw GUI event, which works...
  20. S

    sprite scaling with camera zoom

    I'm trying to build a civ6-esque real time strategy game, and it should always have a mouse interactable menu on the screen. I have a menu sprite attached to an object that follows the camera around when the player moves it, but for some reason I can't get it to scale with the viewport when the...