1. M

    Camera jitter and shake when player moves diagonally.

    Hello, I have camera following the player and when player moves diagonally everything in games starts to jitter and shake. --Player code :-- keyLeft = keyboard_check(ord("A")); keyRight = keyboard_check(ord("D")); keyUp = keyboard_check(ord("W")); keyDown= keyboard_check(ord("S")); hspd =...
  2. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Help with camera views GMS 1.4

    Using GameMakerStudio 1.4 Hey! Currently making a 2D side scroller and I'm having a little bit of trouble with the camera. I'm using a custom camera that I followed from a tutorial. It's supposed to make it smooth and things like that. Here's the tutorial if anyone wants it. Anyways here's my...
  3. 3

    SOLVED how to get view xport and y when using camera_create

    I followed the camera tutorial by Shaun Spalding oCamera create event camera = camera_create(); var vm = matrix_build_lookat(x,y,-100,x,y,0,0,1,0); var pm = matrix_build_projection_ortho(1366,768,2,-1000); camera_set_view_mat(camera, vm); camera_set_proj_mat(camera, pm); view_camera[0] =...
  4. S

    Navigating fixed gui menu while also moving camera around

    I'm trying to build a real time strategy game that involves the user clicking on a lot of menus while moving the camera around a map. It's all 2D, so the camera doesn't tilt, but it does zoom in and out to see the world better. I'm drawing a lot of menus with the Draw GUI event, which works...
  5. S

    sprite scaling with camera zoom

    I'm trying to build a civ6-esque real time strategy game, and it should always have a mouse interactable menu on the screen. I have a menu sprite attached to an object that follows the camera around when the player moves it, but for some reason I can't get it to scale with the viewport when the...
  6. Z

    Legacy GM need help with dynamic camera boundaries

    Hey, I'm trying to make a Camera which boundaries are dynamically changed, based on the current position of the Camera Object. I can't get it to work how it used to be and I found nothing in the internet or in this forum for my special problem. I try to achieve that only certain parts of a...
  7. Gonix

    SOLVED "Ghost" Pixels Above the Camera

    I'm making a platform game with camera travels. I have a problem with vertical camera travels, "ghost" pixels from the screen stay above the screen. They disapear when the camera stops moving verticaly.This not happend when the camera is moving from up to down. I did not find any topics about...
  8. I

    GMS 2 how to follow the camera?

    I want to look for a way to track the view, I thought with camera_get_view_x(view_camera[0]) I did, but in that method, there is an inperfection: so I was wondering: will there be a way to track the view perfectly?
  9. I

    How can I make this camera effect in Game Maker?

    I don't even know if it's possible, but any help will do. youtube link to show the effect:
  10. zendraw

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] custom camera

    im not sure if im doing somthing wrong, but camera/view functions dont seem to work. i have this code that runs in the first room, then we go to 2nd room in the project with 0 effect. /// @desc scrstart(); camera_destroy(view_camera[0]); show_debug_message(111111111111111111); if...
  11. zendraw

    GMS 2 Camera doesnt move

    this is supposed to move the camera, but it doesnt move it for whatever reason. var vm=matrix_build_lookat(x, y, -10, x, y, 0, 0, 1, 0); camera_set_view_mat(, vm);
  12. Plubu

    SOLVED Smooth Parallax Background

    Hello everyone, I've seen videos of how to code a Parallax Backgrounds, it worked for me but it's not smooth, when the player stops or just starts moving, the background ike cuts off or something, it's not smooth. This is my Camera object: //Create //Display Settings IdealWidth = 1920...
  13. E

    Camera view size using projection matrix

    What I'm doing: I'm trying to allow a top-down camera to zoom in or out. I've created a custom struct that lets me set camera "modes" that will make it behave certain ways when performing different character actions, but this shouldn't matter. I know that the camera view matrix determines where...
  14. S

    Legacy GM 3D Camera Auto Pitch

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of solving this. I'm currently developing a 3D game, and I'm wanting the camera to always be on the player. I have it rotating around the player object perfectly and there's no issue with it so long as the character and camera...
  15. FatDazz

    Applying a shader to a camera and camera_set_end_script does not work.

    Hello, I would like to apply a shader on the view of a camera. My ideas for coding it, are as follow. For implied cameras I add a scripts to them at the beginning of the view and another at the end of the view. in the create Obj_Cameras: in the script script_begin: in the script...
  16. Megamini009

    SOLVED HTML5 (camera_get_view_x) returns 0.

    Hey, I was just trying out a parralax background using lerp, which worked pretty well in the regular desktop test mode. So i tried it in HTML5 and it didnt move at all.. after checking the variables, I found that camera_get_view_x was returning "0" at all times in HTML5... strange. I used a...
  17. master2015hp

    SOLVED GUI isn't drawed correctly

    Hi, i have my room at size of 1280 x 720. I setup some objects at the bottom left of the view. They're drawn all via drawGUI event. However when i run this app on my android phone, which has resolution of 854x480, all of those objects are displayed off screen. How can i make sure they always...
  18. K

    GMS2 auto scaling and where to find it

    Hi all, I notice GMS2 auto scale up my game to fit the display. My game is designed in 360x640 but then it displayed as 720x1280 on a display. May I know where to find the setting and set it to follow the code precisely?
  19. B

    Rotating a camera around a sphere

    Hey all. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm trying to do this currently and having limited success. Has anyone been able to successfully achieve being able to do this properly? Thanks a lot! Martin.
  20. YellowAfterlife

    GML Smooth camera movement in pixel-perfect games

    GM Version: GMS1, GMS2 Target Platform: All Download: Links: Summary: This is a mini-tutorial and an explanation of an approach that allows you to have fluid sub-pixel movements...