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    Camera zoom in and out.

    Hello. I'm making a 2-4 player fighting game. I've got the camera to follow two of the characters, but I need the camera to zoom out when one of the characters runs off the screen so that they both are constantly in view, but then zoom in as they come closer together. I have already tried this...
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    Legacy GM How To Zoom In And Out With Out Resolution Issues

    For My Game "Cave Light" I Want To Change The camera Size, Without It Being Half Or Double Of The Port size,Is This Possible?And If So Is There Any Way To Zoom In And Out With Out Resolution issues -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    GMS 2 [Solved] Camera zooming focussing on 2 objects.. An attempt was made.

    Edit: This is solved. There was a mistake in my code I didn't see until I took a break. I can't seem to delete the thread. Sorry. Good afternoon, everybody :D I have a single-screen 2 player game, with a play area of 9600 x 5400 where two people flying around planes and shoot at each other. I...
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    GML [SOLVED]Camera View/Follow player around (centered)

    How do I get the camera to follow around the player at its center, and for it to be a small area (zoomed in) so the player has to move and explore to see other areas of the map etc if you know what I mean?
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    (Solved) GUI object offset when zooming view

    Hi, I'm somewhat new to GMS and I've been making some experiments. One of them is using Draw GUI to display an interface that you can interact with - clicking buttons, opening menus, etc. I've also added camera zoom to the mix, and that's where I'm having problems. When zooming the view in...